A2Dominion deliver responsive repairs management to 38,000+ homes_

A2Dominion is a UK housing association with a long history going back eight decades. A2Dominion’s vision is to provide homes people love to live in. Everything they do is designed to improve customers’ homes and provide new, much needed ones.

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You can learn more about the Responsive Repairs solution that was delivered for A2Dominion here.

About A2Dominion_

Their core focus is social housing. But they have also expanded into specialist housing for those who need additional support, accommodation for key workers and students, shared ownership and leasehold properties, as well as community services and projects.

Managing over 38,000 homes across London and Southern England, A2Dominon are committed to making sure all customers live in safe, high quality and sustainable homes.

Their development strategy focusses on buying and developing land to provide quality new homes across all tenures. A2Dominion places emphasis on delivering new homes on existing assets and acquiring land where there is a clear need for social and affordable homes.

To help deliver A2Dominion’s charitable objectives, they market new homes for sale and shared ownership, through their FABRICA by A2Dominion brand. Caring by nature, working better together and thinking for tomorrow are three core values at the heart of everything they do. A2Dominion are also a member of the G15, a group of the largest housing providers in London.

The context_

A2Dominion uses outsourced contractors to manage repairs for their stock of properties.

With an average of 8,700 responsive repairs requests logged monthly by residents directly to the customer service team, all requests are then logged on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Once logged, the repairs are then allocated to their responsive repairs contractor.

The challenge with repairs management_

Having recently gone to tender for a new repairs contractor – Mears was awarded the contract. With a change in supplier came a need to change the systems that supported the responsive repairs management process.

The change in the repair contractor also provided A2Dominion with the opportunity to enhance the repair process to provide a better, more joined up, service to their residents.

The challenge to implement a brand-new repairs process was two-fold. Not only did the solution have to be delivered within 2 months, an unprecedented challenge for any large housing association, but the business processes that underpinned the repairs process needed overhauling at the same time.

This included the following:

  • Introduction of Schedule of Rates (SoR) to provide more accurate repair logging and costing
  • Embedding a visual repair diagnostic tool to help agents assign the appropriate SOR codes to the work order A new two-way integration with
  • Mears’ repair logging system Real-time booking of repairs on Mears system direct from Dynamics 365
  • Automatic creation of inspections based on Work Order and Contract criteria
  • Work Order Variations (post go-live)

The current system provided limited visibility of when repairs were being carried out by the contractor. Therefore, it was difficult to provide up-to-date details of the status of a Repair when the resident called for an update.

Additionally, any detailed financial information relating to the repair activity was not sufficiently granular and was dependent on the contractor passing across financial details after the repair was resolved.

The reposnse_

A2Dominion realised that their ambitious aim to radically change how repairs were logged was going to be challenging in the two-month timeframe using the usual approach of custom development on Dynamics 365.

Having reviewed what Dynamics 365 repairs products were available off the shelf to meet the requirement – the Redkite Repairs solution was selected.

A2Dominion were looking for a solution that could be slotted into any Dynamics environment and connected to the existing structure, with out-of-the box rules applied.

Additionally, the rule-based approach to managing contracts, approvals, pre and post inspection and variations allowed for rapid configuration rather than lengthy customisation.

The repairs product was installed into the A2Dominion development environment in a couple of hours and then connected to the Repairs case within a day. Out-of-the-box rules were then applied and then overlayed with more complex business specific requirements.

Two-way integration with external contractor_

One of the most critical elements of the project was the two-way integration between the Redkite Repairs product and the Mears system via a Manifest integration layer. This included:

Work Orders being sent to the external contractor_

The real-time retrieval of slots from the Mears system to allow the call-centre to select a repair slot and book an appointment.

Repair event updates being passed back from Mears to update the Work Order_

To aid the correct identification and classification of a repair, Dynamics 365 was also integrated to M3 locator plus.

What A2Dominion needed from their solution_

  • More accurate detailed data to actively improve the repair logging process.
  • More accurate costing.
  • Better contractor management and data to improve performance.
  • Better categorisation of the job raised.
  • More oversight of the repairs through automated pre and post inspections.

“Now we have the new repairs process in place, I have no doubt about A2D’s capability to turn around the performance of the repairs service and meet our customer needs and expectations”.

The outcomes_

The next steps_

As A2Dominion move onto the next phase of their transformation, they will seek to continue to make enhancements to variations and variation approval processes – including migrating additional contracts to the new repairs work order process.

Further embedding their solution into the wider Dynamics 365 product set, an integration through to Dynamics Finance (F&O) will be created.

This will include a solution to cover automatic creations of Purchase Orders when a Work Order is sent to external contractors. At Infinity Group, we look forward to continuing to help A2Dominion serve the residents of their 38,000+ homes.

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