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Audit (Dynamics 365)_

What is a Dynamics 365 Audit?

A Dynamics 365 audit is a record-keeping function that tracks user activities and data changes within the Dynamics 365 platform. It helps organisations improve data integrity, security, compliance, and accountability. A full system audit can also be undertaken to ensure a Dynamics 365 installation is properly implemented.


What information is captured?

  • User activities: Logins, logouts, record access (create, read, update, delete), bulk data operations, and specific actions like sharing or exporting data.
  • Data changes: Details of modified, created, or deleted records, including previous values and timestamps.
  • System events: Platform and application changes, system restarts, failures, and security incidents.


Benefits of a Dynamics 365 Audit_

  • Improved data security: Identify and investigate unauthorised access attempts or suspicious activity.
  • Enhanced compliance: Demonstrate adherence to industry regulations and internal data governance policies.
  • Increased accountability: Track user actions and hold individuals responsible for their data-related tasks.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving: Understand the root cause of data issues and reconstruct historical changes.
  • Improved user experience: Identify and address access control problems or limitations in user permissions.


Considerations that could impact the results of an audit_

  • Customisation: Administrators can fine-tune auditing by selecting specific entities, fields, and user roles to track.
  • Retention policy: Organisations can set specific periods for retaining audit logs, balancing compliance needs with storage costs.
  • Reporting and analysis: Tools and dashboards help analyse audit data and identify trends or anomalies.


Overall, a Dynamics 365 Audit log is a valuable tool for organisations to gain visibility into user activity and data changes. It promotes responsible data management, facilitates regulatory compliance, and strengthens overall data security. Engaging with a Microsoft Partner for a full Dynamics 365 Audit can also be useful to assess platform effectiveness.

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