Microsoft Dynamics 365

Change Tracking

What is Change tracking in Dynamics 365?

Change tracking in Dynamics 365 refers to the functionality that captures and records modifications made to specific data entities within the platform.

Essentially, it acts as a historical log, tracking and storing information about when, how, and by whom these entities were changed. This valuable feature offers several benefits for businesses using Dynamics 365, including:

  • Improved data auditing and compliance: Change tracking provides a detailed audit trail, proving essential for regulatory compliance in industries requiring meticulous data tracking. It allows you to identify who made specific changes, the timeframe of those changes, and the data modifications themselves.
  • Enhanced data synchronisation: By identifying changes and their details, Dynamics 365 can seamlessly synchronise data with external systems or applications. This ensures consistent and up-to-date information across various platforms, improving data integrity and reducing manual effort.
  • Automated workflows and business rules: Based on defined triggers and rules, change tracking can automatically initiate specific actions. For example, if a critical field undergoes modification, notifications can be sent to relevant personnel, or automated workflows can be triggered to ensure proper follow-up procedures.
  • Facilitated data recovery: Should any data corruption or accidental deletion occur, change tracking data logs can be leveraged to restore historical versions or reconstruct lost information, minimising potential damage and data loss.
  • Implementation: The availability and specific functionalities of change tracking vary depending on the Dynamics 365 solution you’re using. Typically, change tracking can be enabled for individual entities at either the platform level or within customisations. Once enabled, detailed change information is stored in dedicated tables, accessible through designated APIs or reporting tools.

Change tracking empowers Dynamics 365 users with greater data transparency, improved regulatory compliance, and smoother integration with external systems. By understanding and utilising this powerful feature, businesses can optimise data management, automate processes, and enhance overall data integrity within their Dynamics 365 environment.

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