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Dynamics 365 AI for Sales_

What is Dynamics 365 AI for Sales?

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales is a suite of built-in AI capabilities aimed at empowering sales teams to close deals faster and build stronger customer relationships. This integrated intelligence streamlines workflows, surfaces key insights, and suggests valuable actions throughout the sales cycle.

Think of it as your always-on, data-driven sales assistant, whispering helpful advice and automating mundane tasks while you focus on what matters most – building connections and securing deals.


Here are some key functionalities of Dynamics 365 AI for Sales_

Sales Insights

  • Predictive lead scoring: Prioritise leads with the highest conversion potential based on historical data and AI analysis.
  • Opportunity insights: Identify potential roadblocks and predict deal closure probabilities to refine your sales strategy.
  • Email engagement insights: Gain insights into email open rates, click-throughs, and replies to optimise your communication strategy.


Sales Accelerator

  • Talking points: Prepare for conversations by uncovering shared interests and icebreakers based on email analysis and social media data.
  • Next best action: Receive real-time suggestions for the most impactful sales activities based on your pipeline and individual customer interactions.
  • Automated data entry: Capture key information from emails and meetings automatically, saving you valuable time and effort.


Relationship Assistant

  • Similar audience insights: Identify new leads with similar characteristics to your existing successful customers.
  • Connection recommendations: Discover colleagues who can introduce you to relevant leads based on their expertise and connections.
  • Relationship insights: Understand your relationships with key stakeholders and identify potential issues and opportunities.


Dynamics 365 Copilot

  • Intelligent email and note writing: Generate draft emails and summarise calls using relevant information from CRM data and past interactions.
  • Product recommendations: Get suggestions for relevant products based on customer needs and historical data.
  • Meeting summary generation: Automatically create summaries of meetings with key details and action items.


Benefits of Dynamics 365 AI for Sales_

  • Increased sales productivity: Save time on administrative tasks and focus on selling.
  • Improved win rates: Make data-driven decisions and focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities.
  • Stronger customer relationships: Gain deeper insights into your customers and build stronger connections.

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