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Dynamics 365 Project Operations_

What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Dynamics 365 Project Operations, formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, is a cloud-based platform designed to bridge the gap between sales, delivery, and finance in project-based organisations. Think of it as your conductor, bringing various teams and processes together to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with outstanding results.


Key capabilities of Project Operations_

  • Proposal and quoting: Create accurate and tailored proposals, manage contract negotiations, and win more deals with greater profitability.
  • Project management: Plan, track, and manage projects efficiently with powerful scheduling tools, real-time insights, and resource allocation capabilities.
  • Collaboration: Break down silos and facilitate seamless collaboration across sales, delivery, and finance teams with a unified platform.
  • Resource management: Optimise resource utilisation, match the right skills to the right projects, and ensure project success with efficient scheduling and allocation features.
  • Time and expense management: Capture accurate time and expenses, streamline approvals, and ensure timely invoicing for improved cash flow.
  • Financial management: Integrate project financials with core accounting systems for clear visibility into project profitability and overall financial performance.


Benefits of Dynamics 365 Project Operations_

  • Increased project win rates: Deliver winning proposals and contracts with accurate costing and improved deal management.
  • Improved project delivery: Manage projects effectively with clear visibility, resource optimisation, and real-time progress tracking.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Break down silos and foster seamless collaboration between teams, improving project efficiency and communication.
  • Increased profitability: Optimise resource utilisation, track financials closely, and gain insights to maximise project profitability.
  • Streamlined operations: Automate workflows, eliminate manual tasks, and create a more efficient project delivery process.


Who is it for?

Dynamics 365 Project Operations caters to organisations involved in delivering professional services through projects, including:

  • Construction companies
  • Engineering firms
  • IT consultancies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Architectural firms


Essentially, Dynamics 365 Project Operations is your key to unifying your project lifecycle, from sales and budgeting to delivery and invoicing. It empowers you to win more projects, deliver them successfully, and maximise your profitability every step of the way.

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