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Email Router_

What is an Email Router?

An email router acts as a go-between, managing incoming and outgoing email messages. Imagine it like a traffic controller, directing different types of emails to their relevant destinations within your organisation. Here’s how it works.


1. Incoming emails_
The email router receives incoming emails addressed to various Dynamics 365 entities, like leads, contacts, or cases.
It uses pre-defined rules to determine where each email should be routed based on factors like the recipient’s address, subject line, or keywords

The email can be:

  • Delivered directly to the relevant record in Dynamics 365. For example, an email sent to a customer’s email address could be attached to their contact record.
  • Forwarded to a specific user or team. This might be relevant for sales enquiries or support requests.
  • Processed further based on custom rules. You can set up triggers or workflows to automate actions based on the email content.


2. Outgoing emails_
When users send emails from Dynamics 365, the email router can be configured to handle them too. It can automatically apply email templates and signatures based on the sender or recipient. You can set up rules to route outgoing emails through specific email servers or add security measures like encryption.


Benefits of using an email router_

  • Increased efficiency: Automates email routing, saving time and reducing manual work.
  • Improved organisation: Ensures emails reach the right people and records, streamlining communication and information flow.
  • Enhanced security: Can apply security measures and filtering to protect sensitive information.
  • Greater customisation: Allows you to tailor routing rules to your specific business needs.


Additional Notes_
The specific features and functionalities of the email router may vary depending on your Dynamics 365 version and configuration.
You can configure and manage the email router through the Dynamics 365 administration settings.
Using an email router effectively requires careful planning and configuration to ensure optimal performance and data security.

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