Microsoft Dynamics 365

Lifecycle Services (LCS)_

What are Dynamics 365 Lifecycle Services (LCS)?

Within the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Lifecycle Services (LCS) plays a crucial role in managing your applications throughout their entire lifecycle. Think of it as a central hub from where you can oversee implementation, updates, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance – all in one convenient location. LCS operates as a cloud-based portal, seamlessly integrated with the Dynamics 365 environment. It caters to both customers and partners, fostering collaboration and streamlined communication throughout the application lifecycle.


Here’s what LCS offers_

  • Pre-built methodologies: Benefit from industry best practices and proven implementation pathways to guide your Dynamics 365 journey.
  • Collaborative workspace: Share documents, tasks, and updates with team members and partners efficiently in a unified environment.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics: Keep a watchful eye on the health and performance of your Dynamics 365 applications with built-in tools for proactive issue identification and resolution.
  • Automatic updates and upgrades: Stay ahead of the curve with automated updates and access to the latest versions, ensuring you benefit from the newest features and security patches.
  • Training resources: Equip your team with the knowledge they need through readily available training materials and certifications directly within LCS.
  • Partner support: Connect with experienced Microsoft partners who can offer expert guidance and implementation assistance.


Key benefits of using LCS_

  • Reduced complexity: Streamline your Dynamics 365 management with a centralised platform.
  • Improved predictability: Plan deployments and upgrades with confidence thanks to pre-built methodologies.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Foster seamless communication and teamwork between all stakeholders.
  • Greater efficiency: Automate tasks and gain valuable insights through monitoring and diagnostics tools.
  • Optimised costs: Leverage cost-effective solutions and benefit from economies of scale.

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