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Power BI Embedded_

What is Power BI Embedded?

Building interactive data visualisations and reports can be time-consuming and require specialised skills. Power BI Embedded simplifies this process by enabling you to seamlessly embed stunning Power BI reports and dashboards directly within your existing applications. This powerful tool, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, transforms the way you deliver insights to users, empowering them with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Imagine your custom CRM application enriched with real-time sales performance dashboards. Or picture your employee portal featuring interactive reports on key business metrics. Power BI Embedded makes these scenarios a reality.


Power BI Embedded key benefits_

  • Enhanced user experience: Embed interactive reports seamlessly, creating a unified and familiar experience for users within your application.
  • Customisable branding: White-label the embedded visuals to match your application’s look and feel, maintaining brand consistency.
  • Scalability and security: Benefit from Microsoft’s secure Azure infrastructure, ensuring your data remains protected even with large-scale deployments.
  • Advanced features: Leverage the full power of Power BI features like drill-down capabilities, filters, and custom visuals within your application.


In the context of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI Embedded shines by unlocking deeper insights from your business data. Imagine embedding sales pipeline dashboards within your CRM, empowering sales teams with real-time performance metrics. Or consider integrating customer service insights into your support portal, enabling data-driven resolutions.


Use cases for Power BI Embedded within Dynamics 365_

  • Embed sales performance dashboards for real-time insights into key metrics like pipeline health and conversion rates.
  • Integrate customer service reports to track resolution times and identify areas for improvement.
  • Embed financial dashboards for executives to access critical financial data on the go.
  • Integrate operational reports to monitor production efficiency and identify bottlenecks.


With Power BI Embedded, you can move beyond static reports and unlock the power of interactive data within your Dynamics 365 environment. This empowers users across your organisation to make informed decisions based on real-time insights, ultimately driving improved business performance.

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