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Role-Based Security_

What is Role-Based Security (RBS)?

Role-Based Security (RBS) is a system for controlling access to data and functionality within an application or system. Instead of granting permissions to individual users, RBS defines pre-configured roles, each with a specific set of permissions attached. Users are then assigned to these roles based on their job functions, responsibilities, and security clearance. This approach simplifies access management, enhances data security, and promotes the principle of least privilege.


Benefits of RBS_

  • Streamlined administration: Managing access becomes more efficient as permissions are assigned by role, rather than individually to each user.
  • Improved security: RBS reduces the risk of unauthorised access by ensuring users only have the permissions they need.
  • Compliance: RBS can help organisations comply with data protection regulations by demonstrating clear accountability for access control.
  • Flexibility: Roles can be easily created, modified, and assigned to cater to dynamic business needs.


How RBS works in Microsoft products and services_

Many Microsoft products and services, including Dynamics 365, incorporate RBS. In these systems, security roles are predefined or can be custom-created. Each role grants access to specific features, data entities, and functionality within the application.


Specifically in Dynamics 365_

  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: Security roles are aligned with business processes and functions. Users are assigned roles based on their responsibilities, and can only access data and features relevant to their role.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: Security roles govern access to customer data, sales records, and marketing tools. Different roles, such as “Salesperson” or “Customer Service Representative”, have varying levels of access based on their needs.


Additional notes_

In Dynamics 365, users can be assigned multiple roles, inheriting the combined permissions of each.

Administrators can also configure data security policies to further restrict access based on specific criteria.

RBS is a crucial aspect of securing your Dynamics 365 environment and protecting sensitive data.

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