Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Associations

If you are looking for Microsoft Dynamics for Housing Associations. Our highly skilled Dynamics 365 Consultants have developed and successfully implemented this unique and powerful application.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Associations is a software solution that offers everything you need to efficiently manage tenants, available properties, contractors, maintenance staff as well as businesses finances and more. This platform has the power to deliver all aspects of day to day management requirements of both housing associations and property management companies.

We understand that each housing association and property management company operates in their own unique way, which is why we have tailored our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Associations application to enhance your current way of working – not change it. Avoiding the square peg in a round hole scenario, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Associations can be completely customised to meet the specific needs of your business with out the restrictions and high costs that come with the majority of ready made housing associations software solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Associations

Customer Service management

Real time case management, robust case management process with configurable SLAs and complaints process

Property Management

Manage sites, store and report on information, set reminders and auto generate tasks to contractors

Maintenance Management

Service calendar scheduling, sign off within the platform on a mobile device including uploaded photos

Document Management

Documents are integrated and can be version controlled, indexed and stored within SharePoint

Compliance Management

Business information is securely stored centrally enabling easy auditing and compliance regulations to be met

Finance Management

Centrally manage the business finances, our solution fully integrates with most finance packages