Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies for the evolving workplace

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace encompasses agile workplace solutions suited for both hybrid and remote working environments.

Bespoke Modern Workplace Solutions tailored for your business

The Modern Workplace is made up of the suite of Microsoft 365 applications that are familiar to employees globally. These applications are easy to use, therefore allowing users to perform various projects seamlessly and efficiently regardless of their location. Infinity Group specialises in providing Microsoft 365 packages for modern workspaces across several verticals including the below:

Transforming remote work

The Modern Workplace designed by Microsoft consists of tools and features that are aimed at propelling your business to the next level. Through the provision of world class productivity tools, employees are equipped to work securely from any device or location.

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What’s included in the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

The Microsoft Modern Workplace consists of technologies such as Microsoft 365 cloud applications, Business Voice, Enterprise Mobility + Security among others that enhance productivity and the quality of work.

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The role of Microsoft 365 in the Modern Workplace

The ecosystem is made up of software such as Outlook, Teams and SharePoint which contribute to collaboration, efficiency and online security. These are convenient and easy to use for all.

Functions of key Microsoft 365 cloud applications


This is a collaborative tool which brings individuals and groups together on a dynamic platform. Comprising of voice and video capabilities, it facilitates meetings, online presentations and projects.


With this software, employees can stay connected and engaged regardless of location. Hybrid and remote workers are then able to work efficiently and productively. Live and on-demand events are easy to host and produce. In addition, past communication and chats are easily traced for reference. Yammer’s in-built social networking features also creates the avenue for organisations to build communities across various topics of interest.


As one of the world’s largest email providers, Outlook gives free messaging services to companies worldwide. A recent survey revealed that about 55% of respondents across various organisations used Outlook as their main email service. The popular software is accessible and convenient for fast-paced working environments. Additionally, it comprises of calendaring and appointment features for users to stay on top of events.


For secure transfer of all types of files, Microsoft SharePoint is the platform to use. It is highly secure and configurable across various browsers. Its accessibility and collaboration tools promote the modern workplace across board. SharePoint is also available on-premises and via the cloud.

Power BI

This is a cloud-based application which is a collection of software and applications for business analytics. It consists of components such as Power BI Desktop, Power BI Report Builder and Power BI service. Users can gain access to various forms of data which can then be translated into meaningful insights.

Power Apps

These are a suite of innovative applications connected with data sources to deliver results. They can also be used to build custom apps for use across board. 

Benefits of the Microsoft Modern Workplace

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Speed up complex processes using automated tools and features

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Accompanied with advanced security systems for the prevention of online threats such as malware and phishing

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Employee empowerment

Provision of innovative technologies to equip individuals to perform optimally

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Improved productivity

Taking teamwork to the next level with innovative technologies

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Enhance flexible work

Making remote and hybrid work accessible and seamless on-premises and on the cloud

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Creation of new opportunities

Embrace the new culture of work by reimagining how processes are executed for new ideas

The Business Opportunity of the Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace strengthens the fundamentals of your business and creates new opportunities by bringing life to remote working practices. It also provides you with relevant resources for the redefinition of your remote working strategy for the optimisation of systems and processes.

Other Added benefits

Scalability: Grow all facets of your business with intelligent insights and resources through the modern work framework.

Integration: Work and learn in a smooth ecosystem that promotes flexibility and creativity with tools such as Viva Learning. 

Collaboration: Partner with remote and full-time workers across the world with the power of the cloud.

Cost-saving: Invest in modern technologies over traditional infrastructure and setups to save money.


Accessibility and growth

Gain access to expert knowledge and learning for the transformation and evolution of your workplace. Stay up to date with the evolving IT landscape so that you can drive change and innovation.

Unified endpoint management

Actively manage customers and wider stakeholders via simplified Microsoft 365 applications while ensuring security of sensitive data and information.


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