Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales remains one of Microsoft’s most popular Dynamics applications and they recently announced some useful new features and tools included as part of their Microsoft Dynamics Wave 1 Release overview 2021. Here we summarise our top five.

1. Automation and adaptive sequences

Sequences similar to those in Power Automate can now be setup by sellers to automatically send emails at a certain stage in the sales process. Triggers for these actions not only include email actions such as a customer viewing an attachment, but also phone listening should a customer use a specific keyword or mention a competitor. This feature should be in Public preview for admins, makers, or analysts to enable by April 2021. Find out more about this automation and the adaptive sequences here.

2: Pipeline Manager Workspace

Microsoft continues to enhance the personalisation options within Dynamics 365 with a new pipeline management workspace. This space should help identify which actions should be taken on opportunities to progress them, including filtering deals and contextual information. Read more about the Pipeline Manager Workspace here.

3: Seller KPIs and Management Dashboards

The new KPI and Management Dashboards within Dynamics 365 Sales will provide out-the-box solutions to management, as well as making it easier for sellers to track their performance. Management can track lead/opportunity conversion ratios and leads per seller, among other metrics. KPIs will include metrics like number of calls and estimated value. This feature should be in Public preview for admins, makers, or analysts automatically by June 2021. Find out more about the capabilities of the new seller KPIs and Management Dashboards here.

4: Dynamics 365 Mobile Application

The Dynamics 365 mobile app has been live for a few years now but has undergone recent improvements and there are some more new features in store. The new application is specifically designed for core sales scenarios, the features include a day planner, post-meeting work (quick record updates / contact creation), and contact/record search. The app is already available in public preview for those who want to investigate. Here is all the details about the Dynamics 365 mobile application updates.

5: Provide business insights on top of any type of sales call

Microsoft continues to promote the use of business insights, this time enabling business insights for video calls and multi-participant calls. This means that sales teams can track their performance across all types of calls. Additionally, calls can now be answered within Dynamics 365, enhancing its ability to manage conversations. This feature should be in Public preview for admins, makers, or analysts to enable by April 2021, with general availability yet to be announced. Read more about the sales call insights feature here.

If you already use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and would like to find out more about these imminent new features please get in touch. Similarly if you are considering implementing Dynamics 365 Sales across your business and would like to discover the wealth of business benefits please get in touch to arrange a demo with our Consultancy team.

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