27th Jun 2022

How Dynamics 365 Can Solve Sales Pain Points

How Dynamics 365 Can Solve Sales Pain Points

Traditional sales methods are phasing out, business leaders, executives and employees across the world are adopting agile ways of handling sales projects. With deals closing faster and prospects increasing on a regular basis, AI inclined software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales have been designed to solve the common sales pain-points that exist in most businesses.

In this piece, we will explore how the intelligent features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can provide a complete CRM solution for sales leaders globally. Its relevance in tackling recurring constraints will also be discussed.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

The application is an innovative software with features aimed at making the sales journey easier. It is a useful package engineered to enhance the 360-sales management process. Its interactive platform comprises of features that equip sales personnel to achieve optimal results in their respective tasks.

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A glance into common sales pain-points

Poor note taking

Sales executives and managers are constantly under pressure to take huge volumes of notes after long meetings with customers. Often, due to time constraints, the quality of notes turn out to be poor and as such do not tend to be much useful later. The excessive time spent recording and refining notes after a call is also not ideal for busy sales teams. In addition, essential keywords and actions from meeting minutes are missed. With Dynamics 365 Sales, employees gain access to AI features such as Call Intelligence to solve these problems.

With Call Intelligence, calls that are made with the software are automatically transcribed in real-time using Azure Cognitive Services to listen to the entire conversation. The speech is turned into text, thereby making it easier to refer to these as notes. The recording is also made available in an audio format for future reference. Subsequently key pointers from the conversation are not missed, hence adding value. Action items and highlights from the call can also be sieved on the platform to allow for easy follow-ups to clients.

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Inaccurate forecasting

Rapid changes with sales pipelines can lead to sales executives having trouble in keeping up with forecasting. Some also face issues with adjusting pipelines and drilling forecasts down. To predict accurately, Dynamics 365 Sales has a specialised tool for the optimisation of forecasts and trends within the spectrum. A complete breakdown of the pipeline with quotas can be clearly seen by every user for efficiency. This feature is powered by the AI model within the program. Accurate sales predictions can be made across various periods, e.g., monthly, quarterly and annually. Additionally, the tool allows for easy adjustments to be made when there are changes in revenue, without affecting the flow of work, thus solving this sales painpoint.

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Ranking and putting tasks into order within sales environments is another pain-point for sales teams. Knowing when and what to channel efforts into is a process that tends to be difficult. Another skill which is also lacking is the ability to identify factors that influence the likelihood of a deal. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales facilitates teams with large volumes of work to prioritise projects accordingly. The CRM offering comes with two tools namely the Lead and Opportunity Scores. Driven from the AI model of Dynamics 365 Sales, templates can also be customised to aid with the prediction of how likely a lead can convert into an opportunity and thereafter a sale. These insights enable sales teams to manage priorities while improving their relationships with clients.

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Lack of automation

Another struggle of sales employees and leaders are delays in following up with customers. Interactions with clients should be enhanced with a CRM platform that can automate exchanges with customers across different channels. The Sales Accelerator, a feature within Dynamics 365 Sales with pre-defined actions (sequences) can then be attributed to records through segmentation. Prospects can then be taken on relevant buyer journeys pertaining to them.

The sequences are important in defining the over-arching customer buying journey. For example, it allows uses to send direct emails for customers across various segment via mail or social networks such as LinkedIn.

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Analysing data

Finally, sales teams are inundated with information from complex databases, which they sometimes have difficulties in appraising. Comprehending sales data is crucial in maintaining success. Power BI is an efficient tool within the Microsoft ecosystem which allows large sets of data to be condensed into simpler forms using visualisation such as charts, diagrams etc. It also has a ‘Q and A’ feature for specific questions to be asked regarding every data set in real time. This critical analysis of data ensures accuracy and future predictions.

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It is important to note that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is not aimed at eliminating the human factor of sales, however by automating traditional processes to modern standards, deals are closed faster, hence leading to an increase in customer value, revenue and the reduction of persistent sales painpoints.


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