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The business benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

1st Feb 2018 | 5 min read

Investing in a Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) that is best suited to the needs of your business and able to grow at the same pace, requires time, research, buy in from all stakeholders and a dedicated project team to run the project. It’s certainly not something that can be implemented without careful planning and consideration. Whether you are exploring the CRM options on the market or interested to find out the specific business benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. We wanted to share our top five business benefits of this market leading application.

1: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is much more than just a CRM platform

Of course, similar to all standard CRM platforms on the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales manages the CRM basics you would expect such as new sales enquiries, customer contact information, communication tracking and auto reminds your sales staff to follow up. However, unlike some alternatives, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can easily streamline your business processes and automate repetitive administrative tasks such as standard response emails, copying information from Quote to Order to Invoice and generating tasks for your staff. Thereby, reducing the time your sales staff spend on admin related tasks which helps to boost overall business efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, enabling users to upload automatic templates such as a well-designed sales proposal templates direct from Microsoft Word/Excel. Your sales proposals can then contain useful fields which auto-populate each time a quotation is created by the allocated users. More importantly, it also integrates with the full Microsoft product stack including Microsoft SharePoint. We can easily tailor and customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to suit the specific needs of your business. This is something our specialist Dynamics 365 Consultancy team manage to ensure the solution is fully tailored to meet all the needs of the business.

2: State of the art Microsoft Outlook integration

With a large number of sales personnel predominantly using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales enables users to perform all their daily CRM related tasks from a familiar and convenient environment within Outlook itself. The Microsoft Outlook client allows users to:

  • Link (and track) emails to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales records such as a lead, opportunity or company.
  • View related customer data (from within Microsoft Dynamics 365) direct from their email pane.
  • Easily manage Activities and other Actions from the email itself.
  • Manage email templates if you have more than one.
  • Manage useful knowledge base articles that are related to that email topic

3: Easy to use – promoting high adoption rates

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales interface has been designed so users find it easy to use. It also has many similar and familiar features to other Microsoft products such as Office 365, and the design of the interface can also be customised to ensure it’s branded correctly. Users can be assigned specific privileges enabling them to import/export data themselves or run useful reports in a real-time environment to view their current pipelines and performance. Management can also be setup with real-time dashboards to present the vital stats in an easy to understand, digestible format.

4: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is easily scalable

Within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, there are seven dedicated applications that can easily work together to manage all aspects of your business. Many SMEs start off by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and then implement the other specialist applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Talent, Project Service Automation or Field Service alongside it. For our larger clients, we design the complete solution for their business needs and build this by tailoring and customising the most relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. For clients who have specific requirements, eg one that is not fulfilled by one of the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, we source and integrate these using Microsoft AppSource and custom builds using PowerApps. Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing costs are very flexible. To accommodate the wide range licensing preferences businesses typically have, Microsoft offers a wide variety of different licensing options available. Please get in touch to discuss these in more detail.

5: A multitude of integrations

The integration opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales are endless, enabling businesses to easily integrate this application with other business platforms such as Sage, email marketing software, Power BI (data analytics software) and Click Dimensions (marketing campaign management) More advanced integrations with disparate systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales are also made possible using integration technologies such as Scribe. With this technology, we can enable real-time data transfer between multiple platforms. (Infinity Group are a certified Scribe partner).

If you are interested in finding out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales or any of the other Dynamics 365 applications please get in touch and one on our Microsoft Dynamics Consultants will be happy to discuss.

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