What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence uses the power of Microsoft Azure AI to take call recording data and provide actionable insights based on the content of the phone call.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence work?

Configuration is required to upload call recordings from your phone system as .wav or .mp3 files with an accompanying file containing data about the call such as the from and to phone numbers, the date and the time, this data should also be easily accessible from your phone system.

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence include?

Once your data is uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence, Azure AI is used to transcribe and then analyse the call, offering you valuable insights such as:

  • Top mentioned competitors
  • Salespeople with the most negative or positive sentiment
  • Listening vs. talking time
  • Average talking speed by salesperson

All of this data can then be taken and combined with your sales data using Power BI to give you insightful reports showing correlation between call intelligence data and real, tangible, sales.

How can you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence?

Microsoft Dynamics Call Intelligence is currently in preview on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 online platform. If you are interested in implementing this functionality please get in touch and we will arrange a trial for you.

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