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Dynamics 365 Sales vs Salesforce

22nd Aug 2022 | 6 min read

Dynamics 365 Sales vs Salesforce

The business environment is constantly changing and with many developments comes the need to adapt to the latest and advanced technologies to meet customer demand. Selecting the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is pivotal in determining the success of your business. IT and corporate leaders ought to assess the functionalities of various applications prior to implementation. In this blog, we will compare Dynamics 365 Sales vs Salesforce. This will ensure that decision makers are well informed to choose between the two CRM platforms.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

The program is an intelligent based software packed with features to facilitate the streamlining of sales journeys and processes. Dynamics 365 Sales is made up of various features to equip sales workers in driving maximum results, as compared to Salesforce.

This CRM application is engineered with a plethora of functions to accelerate the sales management process. This involves activities such as pre-sales, prospecting, building the pipeline, qualification of leads and ultimately transforming them into customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides users with a seamless experience to facilitate client relationship building and the closing of deals.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Sales vs Salesforce?

Improved Leads management

The identification of leads is the core of any sales transaction. It is therefore important that the right sales CRM software is used in any business. With Dynamics 365 Sales, lead generation and management processes are improved. It assists with the efficient management of short and long-term leads throughout the entire sales process. It allows sales personnel to track prospect identification and development easier than Salesforce would.

Customer Relationship Management

Managing relationships with prospective and existing clients is the priority of every sales executive. With Dynamics 365 Sales, client needs are better managed via intelligent features, data analytics and automated follow-up messages to customers.
If you are looking for a program that will assist you in up-scaling and forecasting, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is the go-to software to use. Salesforce on the contrary, lacks the necessary features to carry out the above. It does not have a diverse functionality to allow for sales teams to easily communicate, manage and enhance relationships with customers.

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Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales comprises of user-friendly and accessible features for easy navigation within the CRM environment. Users can perform tasks within the interactive platform for enhanced results. With increased demand and pressure on sales teams, Dynamics 365 Sales through its active environment provides speed, efficiency and collaboration for higher revenue generation, in comparison to Salesforce which has cumbersome features, hence impeding the work of users in the backend.


Dynamics 365 Sales is integrated with a variety of systems to enhance inter-connectivity and cloud activity. A few of the applications that it is combined with include Microsoft suite, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Power BI.

Listed below are the functions of the above-listed software that are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Power BI:

Dynamics 365 Sales integrates with Power BI, which is made up of a suite of applications examples including Power BI Desktop, Power BI Report Builder and Power BI Service.

The AI dashboards are enabled to generate high-level reports to support data-driven decisions. With features such as accurate reporting, business intelligence and data visualisation; Power BI combines with Microsoft 365 Sales to empower sales teams in providing intelligent insights for the enhancement of the sales processes including forecasting, lead and opportunity scoring.

In addition, the Power Platform also integrates with the AI builder function to optimise business processes so that you can achieve results. It is an intelligent based tool for the automation of tasks and data connectivity.

Power Virtual Agent:                

With Power Virtual Agent, you have the ability comprises of interactive chatbots for the creation of conversations with clients and internal staff. It also integrates with applications such as Teams for productivity.

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Microsoft 365 suite

Dynamics 365 Sales also integrates with applications within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem such as Teams, Outlook and SharePoint. These programs promote hybrid and remote working for the enhancement of the modern workplace. Therefore, the functionality of the Microsoft 365 software with Dynamics 365 Sales facilitates cloud collaboration, productivity and streamlining for sales teams.

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The cloud-based features of Dynamics 365 Sales increase productivity and efficiency for sales teams across various industries, in comparison with Salesforce which is outdated and lacks agile features to speed up internal tasks. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, time-wasting traditional methods of selling are replaced with AI features to improve the flow of work and time management.

Productivity boost

Sales executives are inundated with tasks including notetaking, reporting, client calls. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows for these cumbersome tasks to be automated so that they can be executed in a simpler fashion. Juxtaposed with Salesforce CRM which lacks these modern features, it is flexible, incorporates emerging technologies and is agile to streamline work among teams.

Trust and Security

Cyber security incidences are increasingly on the rise; therefore, sales leaders need to implement Dynamics 365 Sales which comprises of safe and secure functionalities to ensure that sensitive and confidential company data isn’t breached.

Salesforce on the other hand, is a legacy application which does not have the required field level security features for encryption and protection.

In this blog, the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales over Salesforce were outlined to provide sales leaders with the insight into improving their sales processes for the unlocking of the overall potential of their workforce. With this information, it is evident that Dynamics 365 Sales is a better option since it is a comprehensive CRM application with a wide range of functions to allow users to perform optimally in the modern work setting. Dynamics 365 Sales is not only limited to sales but includes functions such as marketing, sales, customer services, field services, project management, finance and operations.

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