What is Gamification?

Motivating sales teams has been a challenge since people started selling things. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has included a feature called Goals for a long time to try and add some incentivising capability to the platform. Using Goals, an administrator can set individual, team, and business level targets with metrics to measure in progress and actual progress towards the target over time, this can then be displayed as a simple chart: 

Gamification aims to take this further and provide more fun and exciting ways to visualise target data to motivate a team using competition.

Setting up Gamification in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Gamification is one of the solutions available to add to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the administration portal. Once the solution is installed, you can then configure your games! Games can be based on any metrics you’d like define such as number of calls completed, total cases resolved or total order value.

Once you’ve added your players and then started your game you can visualise the game progress using a number of visualisations such as a football team or cars racing around a track: You can also view progress as a leader board.

d and using Gamification, users have the ability to interact with one another using chat features, encouraging teamwork, communication and collaboration. Team members are also able to manage their own profile and see their performance in games.

What are the benefits of using Gamification in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

By using Gamification in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can provide a fun motivation to any team in your business with easy to configure dashboards showing real time data straight from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 database.

To find out more about Gamification or any other features available in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications please get in touch.

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