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Migrate to Hosted Telecoms before the ISDN switch off


Migrate to Hosted Telecoms before the ISDN switch off2018-09-03T09:17:47+00:00

Written by Phil Jones, Group Managing Director – 29th March 2016

In our last blog we discussed the latest update from BT and the ISDN switch off date confirmed for 2025. There are several benefits of migrating your business over to VoIP Telephony sooner rather than later.

These are the two main types of VoIP Telephony

1: Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is totally cloud based and best suited to SMEs who are looking for fixed cost business telephony with added functionality and reduced call costs. With Hosted VoIP there are no additional maintenance charges. Each user has their own line and calls are routed through the internet.

2: SIP Trunks

Similar to traditional Telephony, you will have a on-premise telephone system but route your calls using SIP Trunks rather than ISDN channels. SIP Trunks are best suited for larger businesses as this type of IP Telephony can prove more cost effective than Hosted VoIP if there are a lot of users.  Please get in touch to discuss which option is best suited to your business type.

The end of ISDN…

As ISDN is now viewed as a legacy platform, this will likely mean that the standard of the existing network and support infrastructure will become very limited and restricted, and it’s official switch off date could well be brought forward at short notice.

With a predicted 3.2 million current active ISDN channels currently in the UK, there are a lot of businesses that will soon need to consider migrating over to Hosted VoIP. But why would you wait until the switch off when you can start reaping the benefits of a hosted solution right now?

Why should you migrate to Hosted Telecoms?

Infinity Group - Migrate to Hosted from ISDN

In case you are not already familiar, Hosted Telephony is a cloud based solution using an internet connection to make calls rather than an on-site telephone system using conventional phone lines. Many of our clients have already made the switch from conventional voice connectivity to Hosted VoIP for the extensive range of business, financial and technical benefits it offers.

The key features of Hosted Telecoms

Hosted VoIP Solutions provide SMEs with many of the features of an enterprise phone system, without the enterprise price tag, and for corporate enterprises, hosted telecoms can be easily setup across multiple locations and countries.

Standard features include:

  • Call recording
  • Mobile twinning
  • Remote working
  • Individual voicemail with email notification
  • Outlook & CRM integration
  • Softphone applications

Hosted telecoms are very cost effective

As Hosted Telephony solutions are cloud based there is no conventional telephone system to install, maintain or upgrade and no hefty monthly line rental or call costs. Hosted is an in-expensive op-ex model charged per user /per month with very low implementation costs.

Ask yourself… Does it really make business sense to continue with high monthly call costs and line rentals when there is a much more dynamic solution available?

Horizon is our Hosted Telecoms solution and is voted as one of the best on the market at present. Infinity Group migrates many businesses over to it every week, with customers switching over for its enhanced features and commercial viability.

Get in touch to find out how our Horizon Hosted Telecoms solution can benefit your business.


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