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7 key benefits of using Microsoft 365 for business_

30th May 2023 | 7 min read

7 key benefits of using Microsoft 365 for business_
If taking your business to the next level is at the centre of your strategy, then Microsoft 365 for Business could help you achieve your goals. Equipped with the latest technology and applications from the Microsoft technology stack, the software allows you to connect with teams and employees across your business.  Following the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses had the opportunity to experiment with various working models to ensure their workforce remained productive. Remote and hybrid ways of working were fuelled by employees and teams troubleshooting with different kinds of applications. Naturally, throughout this period, Microsoft invested Billions into accelerating change across their core business application – Microsoft 365.  


The success stories of organisations who implemented Microsoft 365 for Business over the period has been unrivalled. They experienced an increase in productivity, security and collaboration using tools such Microsoft Teams, Outlook and SharePoint 

A Forrester consulting study commissioned by Microsoft on a number of SMBs revealed that organisations with 365 for Business had a 50% improvement in the execution of go-to market strategies. ROI increased by about 163%. Business user productivity also improved by 1 hour per week, equating to over 3,500 person-hours of productivity for a company of 70 employees. 
If you’re reading this article, itching for an application to scale up productivity, then Microsoft 365 is the answer.  


A glance at Microsoft 365 for Business_

Formerly known as Office 365 for Business, Microsoft 365 for Business is a dynamic suite of applications designed to equip you with intelligent tools for continuous productivity. Allowing you to bring complex business ideas to the forefront, the set of applications within Microsoft 365 brings together familiar apps including Office apps and Microsoft Teams to support small and medium-sized entities. Microsoft also offer a range of product SKUs for the Enterprise. 


Microsoft 365 for Business Licensing options_

The below licensing packages have been designed by Microsoft to cater to organisations of various sizes. Deciding on the right plan is dependent on your organisation’s bespoke needs and requirements. 

Microsoft 365 Business Basic: Gives users access to Web and mobile apps and services (£4.90 user/month*) 

*Annual subscription—auto renews 

Microsoft 365 Business Standard: Users have access to desktop applications in addition to web and mobile apps and services (£10.30 user/month*) 

*Annual subscription—auto renews 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Similar to Business Standard, users are given access to desktop, web, and mobile apps and services.  

Other add-ons include device management and cyber threat protection (£18.10 user/month)  *Annual subscription—auto renews 



Microsoft 365 promotes the Modern Workplace_

Microsoft’s concept of the Modern Workplace is not a new one. This is something that they as a business have been conceptually talking about now for several years.  Consisting of a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, the Microsoft Modern Workplace provides a platform for remote teams to achieve efficiency and seamless communication. In conjunction with Microsoft 365 applications, the modern workplace empowers employees to collaborate via instant messaging, presenting and video sharing platforms.   The Microsoft modern workplace strengthens remote working by creating and enabling environments for workers to collaborate more effectively.  


World-class security is a standard across Microsoft 365_

Microsoft have invested significant sums into ensuring data and devices are secure and compliant across businesses.   Within Microsoft 365 for Business, there are a number of licensing types that come with varying degrees of security controls and applications. For example, within the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license, there is the addition of Windows Defender for Business, Azure Information Protection and Intune for device management.   Essentially, Microsoft 365 protects and secures all your sensitive data from external attacks. Safeguarding vital information across devices and email accounts, it keeps organisational data protected and free from harmful invasions such as phishing and malware. Databases with customer information are therefore securely defended from any sudden leakages.      Laptops, smartphones, as well as devices used within remote working setups, are updated with the latest technologies including multi-factor authentication for maximum security.


Enhanced Cloud collaboration_

Microsoft 365 has a range of collaborative features to enhance teamwork across all departments. Group meetings and chats online are made easier through apps such as Microsoft Teams. You’ll have access to tools such as interactive documents, calendars and AI predictive messaging using Microsoft Outlook. Mailboxes can also be shared within your organisation for teammates to work more effectively. 


Centralised file storage with SharePoint Online_

Microsoft 365 for Business utilises technologies such as SharePoint to enhance document collaboration. With this, your team will be able to access important files and documents in one central place in the cloud saving valuable time. With version control, governance can be applied to all centralised documentation. It acts an integral tool for users to work on documents in real time. Teammates can therefore co-author and effect changes without any hassle.


Increased Productivity_

Simply put, Microsoft 365 fuels productivity across all working environments by reducing the time spent on everyday tasks.   Simple things like removing the need for physical meetings that take up valuable productive time and transitioning them to Microsoft Teams have significantly helped people be more productive. Teams provides a platform for quick interactions, as well as the ability to host engaging meetings, with purpose.   With tools such as Power Platform natively integrating with Microsoft 365, you can help your end users make smarter decisions faster. With custom apps, you can embrace the low-code/no-code culture and empower your teams to create applications that make their working lives easier.   By utilising tools like Intune, you can automate system updates across your technology estate, freeing up valuable time for your IT teams. And in some instances helping to reduce your IT management costs by 40%. 


Embracing remote working across your organisation_

In the era of remote working, fast and effective tools are required to maintain seamless work and productivity. Microsoft 365 for Business enables companies to operate effective flexible and hybrid working spaces. Smart apps such as Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Excel all come together to build a solid remote working environment. You can work from anywhere in the world while producing optimal results. 

Reduced software costs and IT expenditure_

Microsoft 365 for Business gives you the opportunity to cut down on pricey software costs. As a subscription-based service, you’ll only have to pay for the software once, so you don’t have to worry about any subsequent payments. Tailored to individual organisational needs, The Basic, Standard and Premium packages are made to be affordable across board. This reduced technology costs will allow you to invest in other areas requiring more financial commitment. It’ll also prevent costs associated with ineffective legacy applications. 


Transform your business operations_

By making the move to Microsoft 365 in the cloud your users will be equipped modern applications that enable them to work where and how they want.  With a flexible range of licensing subscriptions for SMEs and the Enterprise, M365 is a cost-effective solution.   With deep integrations into the wider Microsoft ecosystem – Dynamics 365 and Azure – you can seamlessly integrate your data across all the applications that matter to your organisation.   If you are looking for support with your Microsoft 365 project or need some advice on how to make best use of your M365 investment, contact us today and speak to one of our dedicated Modern Workplace consultants.    We are committed to putting you on the path of achieving business success and supporting the optimisation of your technology. 

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