It is reported that the telephone is now consumers’ third most popular method for getting in touch with a business, after face-to-face contact and online communication.

Message on Hold is a useful tool that enables businesses to get across vital information and upsell products whilst a customer is on the phone. This can be a single message to a range of messages that are delivered based on the options a user selects.

What are the common customer frustrations with business telephone messages?

A recent survey by Which? Suggests that being told that your call ‘is valued’ is the most annoying feature for those waiting for a call to be answered. In todays fast paced world this empathetic term doesn’t have the desired effect because it’s said too often.

Next on the frustration list was being directed to the company’s website, followed by several apologies for all the operators being busy. Which? found that 9 in 10 of the consumers they surveyed were prepared to wait a maximum of 5 mins for their call to be answered. This may be surprising to some business owners.

What should I include in my business Message on Hold script(s)?

  • You are currently in position xx and your call will be answered within xx minutes. Please hold.
  • All operators are currently busy – please leave your contact details and we’ll call you straight back
  • All operators are currently busy – However you can speak to an advisor right now using the live chat agent on our website

What should I exclude from my business Message on Hold script(s)?

  • We really value your call – please continue to hold
  • Your call is important to us – please continue to hold
  • All operators are currently busy – please visit our website for more information

If businesses want to promote customer loyalty and attract new business their focus should be on convenience and efficiency. By offering other methods of contact such as a live chat facility on their website or call back feature, you are delivering an extra layer of customer service which the customer can benefit from. More importantly, you are also saving them valuable time which they will really appreciate.

Infinity Group offer a wide range of audio and voice over options and can configure your message to ensure calls reach the correct departments without delay. If you are looking to record a Message on Hold script in the near future please get in touch. 

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