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Our Top 5 Most Common IT Support Queries_

4th Dec 2023 | 3 min read

Our Top 5 Most Common IT Support Queries_

Did you know that our busy IT Support Service Desk deals with between 2,000-3,000 support calls from our customers each month. During the COVID-19 remote working period this rose to over 3,500 a month. We have analysed our data from the past 6 months and wanted to share the most common issues we are asked to resolve. How many of these have you raised with your IT department?

1. Password Resets

This is definitely the most popular question our IT Service Desk is asked on a daily basis from our customers. Whether it’s a Microsoft password reset or Active Directory we can easily resolve this for you.

2. Login errors

It happens to us all, many customers call us with login issues which are easily resolved.

First things first, have you made sure you have remembered the caps in the right places? Maybe you are locked out due to too many login attempts – we can solve that for you. Alternatively, if you have forgotten your password altogether we can easily reset it for you remotely.

3. New user setups

We are often asked to setup new users, this involves Active Directory account creation, Office 365 account creation and license application. These will be based on a new user form provided by us and completed by you detailing the new employee’s name, position and any special access they require.

4. Deleted file restore

If you have deleted a file from the server and you can’t see it in the recycle bin, you may need to call us for assistance as we will need to access the backup. Whether you have onsite backup or cloud backup enabled we can often access the deleted file in no time.

Backup and Disaster recovery are so important and we encourage all our customers to allow us to set this setup.

5. Overwriting or not saving files

Customers often assume that if they forget to save a document before closing or overwrite something, those previous changes are then lost. The likelihood is that you have Auto Recover enabled within Microsoft 365 where we can access previous versions.

We can also quickly roll back to previous versions especially in documents saved within a SharePoint environment and temporary files could also be accessed.

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