22nd Jun 2020

Moving from Internal to Outsourced IT Support

In these uncertain times, smart business decisions resulting in cost savings and improving business efficiencies are more important than ever.

According to global research undertaken by Leonne International, a third of businesses are cutting their IT budgets to manage the effects of COVID-19 and make way for departments that are deemed more essential. Whilst IT is often deemed essential, it’s often one of the more expensive departments.

Paradoxically, the move to remote and online working has meant that reliable and strategic IT Support is paramount. Whilst many businesses will be looking to cut some of their high internal IT costs, many are now outsourcing their business IT to a specialist outsourced IT Support provider. Their manageable, fixed monthly fee is a scalable, cost effective solution to manage every aspect or specific areas of your business IT requirements.

What are the disadvantages of internal IT support teams

For many businesses, a closer look into improving business efficiencies has demonstrated that internal IT Teams are costly to manage, not to mention the investment in ongoing training of these team members to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date.

You’ll often witness a team of IT experts but only within their certain fields, they only gain additional experience from the IT problems that the business they work in faces. This is often not a team that problem solves and strategises against a multitude of problems across different businesses and scenarios on a daily basis.

Response times tend to be slower with internal teams as they are not held to strict SLAs like all outsourced IT Support providers are as standard. They often spend so much time fixing small, day-to-day problems, that they are unable to focus on a long-term effective IT strategies, which can significantly hinder business performance.

What are the benefits of outsourced IT support?

Cost Effective

Fixed monthly costs are attractive alongside the ability to scale up or down your businesses IT needs as they change. Without an internal team to manage you’ll save money on wages, training costs, pension contributions, holiday and sick pay and you’ll need less people in the office.

Specialist expertise

Aside from being more efficient and cost effective, outsourced IT Support Service Desks have a wide range of specialist expertise across a multitude of the latest technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Sophos which is often impossible to find in an internal team. The specialist IT Procurement partners within Managed Service Providers are continually trained by the vendors they partner with, enabling them to provide the latest advice and best practice on the latest IT technologies.

Strategic approach

As a separate IT department to their customers, outsourced IT companies have a strategic approach to the IT issues their customers are facing. They will look at your IT needs in a different way to an internal team and propose the correct long term solutions not just short term fixes.

Fast response times

The scalable nature of outsourced IT support means that you can have as much help as you need, when you need it. If your company is experiencing multiple problems, they can all be targeted at once, meaning less downtime and increased productivity. Infinity Group ensure our response times are always less than 1 minute to avoid our customers having to wait for a long time when calling the Service Desk.


A reputable IT Support provider will also monitor the overall health, performance and security of your IT network. They detect and eliminate online threats before they attack and ensure you have the correct security setup across the network plus a backup and IT disaster recovery plan in place.

Why choose Infinity Group for your outsourced support?

Infinity Group has a large UK based award winning service desk that pride themselves in fast response times of under 1 minute. Our customer service efforts have won us the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2020 for the outstanding customer reviews we have gained. 

If you are interested in outsourcing your business IT or switching IT Support providers please get in touch for a quote.

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