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Switching IT Support providers


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There’s a lot to think about when switching from one IT Support provider to another, it can seem like a daunting process – but it doesn’t have to be. There are countless reasons that organisations are switching IT Support providers. Many businesses who outsource their IT Support are often not happy with the long response times they receive or resolution rates or perhaps you are paying over the odds for poor customer service levels or your agreed SLAs are not being met.

Making a list about why you’re unhappy with your current Outsourced IT Support provider is a good place to start before you shop around as it’s important to identify the problems your business is currently experiencing. This also will ensure that you’re not simply switching IT Support providers and having the same problems in the future.

With your own customers to keep happy, the last thing you need is business downtime and uncertainty surrounding your IT systems. Many of our clients moved to us from other Managed Service Providers, so we’ve had the time and experience to perfect a seamless process of transition and end-user on boarding process and with a dedicated Project Management team, switching IT Support providers couldn’t be easier or less hassle free.

How to switch IT Support providers

Before switching IT Support providers, it’s important to check the conditions of your contract with your current IT Support provider. There is a likelihood that your organisation will have to give a notice period before you can end your contract. Finding out too late that you can’t switch until the notice period is up can prove both costly and stressful.

Create lists

Before giving your notice period, creating a comprehensive list of your IT assets including all IT systems that is used in business activities makes switching IT Support providers smoother. This list should also include all login details, passwords, software and a diagram of your business network.

To avoid unnecessary delays, we recommend asking your current IT Support provider for an up-to-date list of usernames and passwords that are used within your organisation and testing to make sure they all work, otherwise when you’ve given your termination notice, their response may be slow. Also knowing how much support time you pay for and utilise allows you to get comparative costs between Outsourced IT Support providers.

Help prepare a handover document

In the likely event you use several providers, and not a full-service Managed Service Provider, also include a list of them in the handover file. Giving your new IT Support company your Support logs is also particularly helpful as this will help them identify the main issues your organisation faces and may have the technical expertise to propose a permanent fix.

Assign a dedicated person to manage the process

Assigning one point of contact for switching IT Support providers keep one person responsible for liaising with your new and existing IT Support provider which in turn avoids miscommunication between the respective providers.

Protect your data

Backing up your business data and having a Disaster Backup and Recovery plan in place is always good practise. When you’re switching IT Support providers it’s even more important, as it ensures your business data is protected against any accidental errors and potential data loss when switching IT Support providers.

Be open to suggestions

While switching IT Support providers and when a full audit of your site has been completed by an IT Consultant (subject to your new provider’s own processes) they may suggest new hardware, networking equipment or new software that will help your organisation progress into the future. Your new Managed Service Provider will need to understand the emerging technologies that are available, and they need to be able to recommend the optimal IT Infrastructure solutions that fully support your organisation now and in the future.

They will have a wealth of experience when it comes to reviewing an existing IT Infrastructure and making suggestions to improve your current setup or alternatively they’ll be experience in designing and deploying an entirely new and bespoke IT Infrastructure.

About Infinity Group

Since 2002, we’ve provided award-winning Outsourced IT Support, IT Consultancy, Digital Transformation and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy services to over 1000 organisations across the UK. In 2019, we were awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award for our outstanding Feefo client reviews amongst other impressive award wins such as being named the CRN Channel Reseller of the Year in 2018. Our impressive portfolio of clients, numerous award wins and three major ISO certifications, including ISO 27001, set Infinity Group apart from the other larger Managed Service Providers in the UK. These accreditations demonstrate our commitment to corporate governance and information security.

Each of our clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who are the first point of contact to provide the highest customer service levels. By being accredited partners most of mainstream vendors including Sophos, Cisco Meraki, Mitel and one of the top 200 Microsoft Gold Partners in the UK, our IT Consultants and Engineers are trained on the latest technologies as soon as they’re released.

Our large ITIL Service Desk based at our HQ in the South East provides 1st/2nd and 3rd Line Support as well as a large network of IT Consultants and Engineers who are able to provide a range of leading Digital Transformation, IT Consultancy and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy services. These services are provided from our six offices which are located throughout the UK in London, Kent, Birmingham, Surrey and Sussex which means we’re never far away should a visit to your organisation be required. Our Managed IT Services are also available 24-hours a day which means an engineer is available whenever you require Support.

Infinity Group operate with a transparent and tiered ticketing process. Support tickets can be logged via the telephone, client portal and by email, depending on the priority of the issue.

If you are interested in switching IT Support providers to Infinity Group who provide Managed IT Services, Cyber Security Consultancy, Digital Transformation and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy, please get in touch.


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