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Power Platform 2022 conference announcements

20th Oct 2022 | 4 min read

Power Platform 2022 conference announcements

The recently ended Power Platform conference focused on showcasing low-code technologies for the creation of opportunities and upskilling. The inaugural event saw a Microsoft led community coming together to discuss new programs and feature updates for the enhancement of work processes. This blog will focus on the key highlights and announcements to watch out for in the Power Platform ecosystem.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Power Platform is made up of applications that offer end to end solutions to transform the mode of work. These tools integrate low-code developments including AI bot development, workflow automation and data analytics. The applications are interconnected to other systems including Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365.

The Power Platform comprises of the following products:

Power BI – For gathering, analysing and visualise data through immersive dashboards and reports. This self-service analytics tools connects with a plethora of interactive reports, data and dashboards to create interactive visualisations.

Power Automate – Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, this application automates workflows and the creation of intelligent workflows. It also comes with predefined templates to choose from when working.

Power Apps – This intuitive platform uses low code applications for the optimisation of processes. It also has a drag and drop feature for building user interfaces for mobile applications.

Power Virtual Agents – Creation of AI chatbots for dealing with a range of customer requests. These bot building services help users create virtual chat agents from scratch without writing a single line of code.

Through low-code tools, the Power Platforms empower every team member in an organisation with flexible tools to promote productivity and efficiency.

Check out What’s new from the Power Platform 2022 conference below:

Cards for Power Apps

This is a new way that has been incorporated for the delivery of micro-apps within Microsoft Teams and Outlook with the power of low code software for a customisable interface. Through the embedding of micro-experiences in Teams, collaborations are made easier and more seamless. It allows business users to build interactive, data-driven, actionable and visual cards.


With this feature, developers and makers collaborating in Power Apps will be able to do so simultaneously. Multiple makers will be able to view others on the app whilst working in real time. Additionally, changes can be made without disturbing anyone else’s work.

Additionally, makers will be able to chat with others building within the app in real time, hence allowing multiple components to be edited, added or removed without any disruptions. This enhancement will improve collaboration, increase cohesion and the flow of projects.

Integrated virtual agent

This new virtual agent will guide makers to learning content in Power Apps, which will connect them to internal resources specific to their organisations. Powered by a conversational bot, makers will have access to experienced makers from their respective organisations.

Power Up skilling program

This is an upskilling initiative created to help individuals from non-technical backgrounds advance their careers with low-code technology and skills. The program will help citizen developers hone their low-code skills for the enhancement of their respective careers and sectors.

This three-month self-paced learning curriculum will be made up of instructor-led sessions, involving tasks and challenges to provide participants with the required knowledge for career development.

Enhanced SAP integrations

These are new and improved ways to connect SAP data to Microsoft Power Platform solutions, thereby utilising low-code technologies for leveraging pre-built solutions. It also allows for more productivity in business processes.

To conclude, the announced product features will equip Power Platform users with the technologies and skills needed for productivity, upskilling and development. Visit our Power Platform page for more details on all the applications.

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