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What is Power Platform?

9th Feb 2024 | 4 min read

What is Power Platform?

In the modern world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to innovate and optimise. Doing so can enable them to overcome obstacles and embrace change.

But innovation often requires advanced technical skills, investment and intense coding. Few organisations have the facilities for this.

Microsoft Power Platform makes it easier. By using the tools within Power Platform, you can find solutions to business problems and extend your capabilities without extensive coding. As a result, you’ll save money, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

In this blog, we explore what Power Platform is, the tools it comprises and how it can help your organisation.


What is Power Platform?

Power Platform was first introduced by Microsoft in 2018. It is a collection of tools and apps that extend business’s capabilities by allowing them to build end-to-end solutions.

There are five tools that sit within Power Platform:

  • Power Apps. Power Apps enables organisations to easily build their own apps, with low or no code required. You can choose to create canvas apps (offering a high level of design control for better user experiences) or model-driven apps (allowing you to simplify business functions).
  • Power Automate. Power Automate allows businesses to automate workflows. It reduces the need for manual intervention in core processes, saving your team time and ensuring consistency.
  • Power BI. Power BI brings together data from multiple sources and turns them into meaningful, interactive and visual insights. It becomes easier to share data within your organisation.
  • Power Pages. Power Pages (previously known as Power Portals) lets you create customisable websites for staff, customers, suppliers and so on, without needing third-party developers.
  • Copilot Studio. With Copilot Studio (previous known as Power Virtual Agents), you can customise and build your own AI copilots (including chat bots).

By leveraging the different tools under the Power Platform umbrella, businesses can easily modernise their operations and earn the rewards.


The benefits of Power Platform_

Easier, cheaper development_

Power Platform makes technical solutions accessible. Any organisation can create bespoke tools – from apps to websites – without the need for complex coding. This is known as low-code, no-code development.

Businesses don’t need highly skilled technical resource internally because Power Platform simplifies development. There are no barriers.

Development costs are lowered, as you are essentially putting the development power in the hands of your teams. You’ll get a higher return on investment on the solutions you do create, as well as reduce costs through increased productivity.


Improve business capabilities_

With the ability to create apps and automate workflows, you can extend capabilities within your operations. This includes making it easier for staff to complete tasks correctly, enhancing customer experiences or solving challenges internally.

You can do more, work smarter and streamline processes – without extra resource.


Connected data_

All the apps in Power Platform connect with your other Microsoft tools, leveraging the power of the Dataverse. They may also connect with third-party apps. By connecting your tools, you’ll get a full view of the data and assure synergy across your operations.

It will also ensure everything has complete context of your organisation, making it easier to set up new apps and workflows that work accurately.

Plus, with Power BI, it becomes easier to share data with team members for improved visibility and better decision-making.


Stay secure_

The custom solutions you create are backed by built-in security, courtesy of Microsoft. This helps you meet compliance standards and mitigate risk.

They’re also easy to monitor, manage and adapt, meaning they can safely evolve and scale with your business needs.


Get the competitive edge_

Finally, Power Platform will allow you to get a competitive edge. Its tools make automation and AI accessible, meaning you embrace two huge trends in modern business.

By utilising these, you’ll evolve your operations while offering better customer experiences and staying ahead in your industry.


Leverage Power Platform for your organisation_

The apps within Power Platform enable you to revolutionise your business, utilising low-code solutions to overcome challenges and extend functionality.

Due to the minimal cost associated and productivity benefits, it can also drive cost-effectiveness.

Most importantly, it supports you in being an agile business, even as you face off against diverse challenges and competition.

When many companies are considering what they can do to be innovative, Power Platform makes this more accessible than ever.


Looking to introduce the might of Power Platform into your organisation?

Infinity Group have advanced experience in helping businesses to successfully implement Microsoft solutions, including Power Platform. Our diligent and experienced consultants can boost your digital transformation and maximise value.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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