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Top benefits of using Dynamics 365 Sales

22nd Jun 2022 | 6 min read

Top benefits of using Dynamics 365 Sales

Consumer needs are changing and as a result the rubrics of selling have evolved to keep up with them. According to a report, as economies continue to recover from the hit of Covid 19, the art and science of sales have also evolved. Customers gravitate towards companies that put their needs first, ahead of those whose primary motivations are to hit sales targets. To meet these pressing demands from customers, various sales teams have put in place diverse methods and systems to meet targets, however several of them are inefficient.

Sales personnel have been tasked with ensuring that the requirements of clients are met on a regular basis. This is executed through both traditional and advanced selling methods. Salespeople such as managers, coordinators and executives work around the clock to ensure that targets are met and leads generated. There are however many annoying factors that act as a standing block in the achievement of sales goals. These include — complex steps, lack of training, record taking, low lead quality and long-winded client calls. To combat these constraints, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application has been designed to act as a comprehensive system, for curbing all these issues.

How can a business ensure that its sales team is not only driving numbers but fulfilling the needs of clients? This can be achieved through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales package, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

It is a CRM (customer relationship management) application engineered to accelerate the sales management process. This involves activities such as pre-sales, prospecting, building the pipeline, qualification of leads and ultimately transforming them into customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a specialist tool which provides sales executives with a blueprint for building relationships with potential and existing clients. It also offers insight on the requirements needed to close new deals and for the building of new competencies.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales


Dynamics 365 Sales presents a user-friendly environment for individuals to navigate and perform tasks. The constant influx of work within sales departments means that catchy interfaces are needed to enhance interactivity, speed, collaboration and the timely meeting of deadlines. With this software, users have access to interactive features that are easy to use, to facilitate with the performance of tasks.


As a versatile application, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can be integrated with other systems for improved value. This also increases inter-connectivity and system networking.

Listed below are some examples of software that combine seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales for customisation and improved results.

  1. Microsoft suite: Dynamics 365 Sales is one of the many Microsoft products, hence it can be integrated with software within the Microsoft ecosystem including Outlook, Teams and SharePoint. These familiar apps are always beneficial to end users due to the well-known functions that they can perform. This subsequently leads to the streamlining of tasks such as sending of emails, cloud storage and improved communication. This integration provides ease and quick access for sales teams to perform optimally.
  2. Dynamics 365 Marketing: Tracking is an important factor in any 360 sales journey, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales’ integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing aids in the creation of marketing campaigns, as well as the tracking of sales performance within it. Sales tracking is also necessary in identifying prospects, closing deals and improving forecasting, thereby contributing to accurate reporting for sales executives.
  3. Power BI: Power BI dashboards can be enabled within Dynamics 365 Sales for access to high-level reports that drive data-backed decisions. Comprising of a collection of applications and connectors, Power BI promotes business intelligence, reporting and data visualisation. It is made up of Power BI Desktop, Power BI Report Builder and Power BI Service. Its usage with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales ensures that data sources are properly documented and transformed into informative insights to assist with sales and customer relationships.
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Efficiency and agility

Sales teams are frequently plagued with pain points such as time-wasting procedures and steps using traditional methods. The cloud-based nature of Dynamics 365 Sales allows for sales employees within a business to access sensitive files and documents from any location. Processes are then automated for ease of flow and enhanced time management. This therefore empowers individuals to work faster for better outcomes.

Leads management

Leads act as the wheels of any sales transaction. As the foremost stage of any sales operation, its importance cannot be overemphasised. Hence the technologies that exist within Dynamics 365 Sales are beneficial in driving and directing change within the lead generation and management process. The application helps in the efficient management of short and long-term leads throughout the entire sales process. Furthermore, the adoption of the software creates a firmer grasp on prospect identification and development.

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Sales Productivity boost

Another constraint that often affects sales executives are mundane administrative tasks like email-writing, follow-ups, note-taking, reporting and cumbersome client calls that waste time. Dynamics 365 Sales comprises of the latest features for streamlining boring projects. Sales personnel such as executives and managers with access to the comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales system can undertake the above-mentioned tasks in an automated fashion for productivity.

Customer Relationship Management

The engine of any sales transaction are the customers involved. Therefore, sales personnel in any business should be motivated by client needs. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, the individual requirements of prospects and existing customers are managed and nurtured fully via features such as automated follow-up messages, data analytics and intelligence.

In summary, Dynamics 365 Sales offers holistic packages for every organisation. It enhances the sales outlook of a business for up-scaling, quicker closing of deals and sales revenue boosts. With in-built advanced features, it can help you spot prospects, enhance value for existing clients and relationship building.

Are you looking to improve your sales processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales? Contact our experienced consultants who will speak with you about the bespoke packages available.

Watch our latest Dynamics 365 Sales webinar here.

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