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Webinar: An introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

25th Feb 2019 | 4 min read

Webinar: An introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Infinity Group are proud to announce that we have hosted our first webinar on the topic of “An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365”

The webinar was presented by Infinity Group’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Director, Tristan Shortland.

The agenda of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 webinar was as follows:

  • Who are Infinity Group?
  • What is Dynamics 365?
  • What applications are included within it?
  • Additional functionalities within Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Which businesses can use Dynamics 365?
  • And finally How can Infinity Group help your business?

Who are Infinity Group?

Tristan ran through some of our core business metrics, our key industry accreditations and finally some of our key partnerships. This provided a clear background summary of Infinity Group for our viewers. The key takeaway information about us is as follows:

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and what applications are included?

Presented next was a full overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with the full suite of business-centric intelligence applications. These are Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation (PSA), Business Central and Finance & Operations.

Additionally, there are many benefits to using Dynamics 365 within organisations was discussed, the key benefits of note included the Dynamics’:

Customisability – To fit any business model
Extendibility – To be appropriate for all areas of a business
Scalability – To cope with the growth and development of any business
Ease of integration – To be easily implementable.

Additional functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365

After the core presentation of the Dynamics 365 platform and the different applications available to organisations, Tristan presented the supplementary areas of Dynamics that are included beyond the core functionality of the applications.

This included Voice of the Customer, a feature within Dynamics that allows organisations to receive and benefit from the feedback of their customers.

Portals was also discussed; with each Dynamics 365 system setup, a business is entitled to one free Web Portal. Portals can be used for a variety of purposes such as for setting up web-based sales, services, support and even as a social engagement application platform in order to engage with third parties’ stakeholders.

The webinar touched upon the exciting future aspects of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things which are areas that Microsoft will be giving a lot of attention to over the coming years

Another aspect that was touched upon was the Dynamics 365 mobile application which allows users to access their system from tablet devices so that you can run your business on the go, no matter where you are. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Gamification was mentioned. The application helps to motivate your workforce through intelligently recording sales results in a way that displays them in the form of popular competitive sports e.g. Football, Racing etc.

Which businesses can use Dynamics 365?

The final round up of the webinar informed viewers of the numerous industry verticals that Dynamics can be used across. The full stack of applications encompasses all core aspects of an organisation, alongside this, the customisability of each application makes Dynamics 365 useful in all industries from small businesses through to large enterprise organisations.

Infinity Group can implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in these verticals:

  • Technology
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Not-for profit
  • Professional Services
  • Education

Take a look at our case studies.

How can Infinity Group help?

The webinar ended with an informative summary of what was covered as well as a description of the services that Infinity Group can offer our clients surrounding Dynamics 365. To recap on these services, Infinity Group provide:

  • Scoping – From audits on current Dynamics systems to detailed discovery work for large projects
  • Designs – Our team of Solution Architects are experts in designing the most effective Dynamics plans and integrating them in the most effective way possible to businesses
  • Building – Our Technical and Functional Consultants ensure that the designs in place are successfully assembled for each and every client
  • Support – Our UK based Service Desk to cater for all customer support requirements including ad hoc Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy and Support to suit your needs.
  • Roadmaps – We can work with you to show where your business is currently and where you would like to be in a given timeframe
  • Integration – Our team have experience integrating Dynamics with multitude of other software solutions including the full Microsoft product stack.

A recording of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 webinar is as below.


If you are interested in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, please get in touch.

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