Our super fast London business Fibre Broadband enables much higher speed internet connections than standard business broadband solutions. The additional bandwidth will improve the overall performance, making uploading and downloading of files more efficient and embracing Cloud solutions. Fibre Broadband facilitates the use of multimedia and conferencing along with VoIP solutions and streaming services. Unlike most other networks, we don’t traffic shape or throttle bandwidth so your connection is always fast, consistent and reliable.

Thinking of switching Fibre Broadband providers?

As well as providing new connections, switching your business across to the Infinity data network couldn’t be easier. We’ll take care of everything on your behalf avoiding any unnecessary worry.

Infinity Group understand that the Connectivity strength to your organisation is paramount for your day to day business needs. Fibre broadband providers offer faster upload and download speeds compared to consumer counterparts.

London business Fibre Broadband and Ethernet over Fibre also has a lower contention ratio, meaning that there are less users using the line at the same time as well as providing having more security features including to help protect against Malware than a consumer broadband line. When businesses implement fibre broadband, they are issued a static IP address, rather than one that changes each time you log on to the Internet, so that in-house services can run smoothly and efficiently.


Fibre Broadband for businesses | Infinity Group

Here are the benefits of our London Business Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

We look forward to discussing your Fibre Broadband requirements in more detail.