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Moving your business to the Cloud enables you to harness a multitude of advanced, on-demand computing services ranging from market leading apps to cloud storage.

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nfinity Group are a leading Cloud computing service provider in the UK. The vast majority of Cloud solutions provide added value compared to server based software, the core being cost efficiency.

The additional security and mobility advantages that Cloud based solutions offer are another reason why millions of businesses are switching to the Cloud every day.


Specialist Cloud Computing Services

Infinity Group provide a full suite of Cloud computing services from complete migrations to hybrid Cloud environments, our IT consultants are committed to migrating your organisation while ensuring business continuity at every stage of the process.

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Cloud computing is the delivery of a series of computing services (servers, storage, desktops, VoIP and more) over the Internet, rather than data taking up storage on on-site servers and machines. Instead, the data is stored in remote and powerful data centres.

The benefits of our Cloud managed services

Using the advanced technology of these data centres, Cloud based business solutions help organisations to reduce their costs, increase the performance of their systems and become more flexible in their working practices.

Microsoft Azure Cloud technology solutions

Providing Cloud technology solutions as the building blocks to help organisations save costs, Microsoft Azure uses Cloud innovation and power business decisions with insights and proactive system management.

Comprising Infrastructure and application services, Microsoft Azure  uses its integrated data services, advanced analytics, developer tools and services which are hosted within Microsoft’s public Cloud data centres located in the UK and internationally around the world.

Microsoft SharePoint Content Management Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is a cost effective and powerful collaboration and content management tool that maximises business efficiency. It enables your organisation to simplify your workflow makes you able to access your documents from anywhere and manage access permissions to specific documents.

SharePoint Hubsites

Using SharePoint hubsites you can easily create and manage company intranets where you can manage internal document repositories that contain handbooks, policies and other employee information.

Microsoft 365 the unified Cloud solution

Microsoft 365 Business, a new unified Cloud solution, comprises Office 365 and EM+S as well as the Windows 10 operating system. These integrated products enable your business to have access to the latest business software from Microsoft such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business as well as enterprise grade Mobile Device Management.

Cloud based applications

By implementing Cloud Computing applications such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft 365, businesses avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT Infrastructure. Instead your organisation is given the ability and the flexibility to pay for what they use, when they use it.

Cloud Computing considerations

Implementing a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Computing solution comes with several things to consider; the type of files you will be storing and sharing, the size of your organisation, the bandwidth that’s available and more. Our Consultancy team will work closely with you to design a bespoke IT Infrastructure solution in the Cloud to meet your business needs.

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