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Dynamics 365 Finance Insights_

What is Dynamics 365 Finance Insights?

Dynamics 365 Finance Insights is an AI-powered tool embedded within the Dynamics 365 Finance platform, designed to help businesses predict financial outcomes and make data-driven decisions. Finance Insights allows you to dive deep into cash flow, customer payments, and budget planning to navigate uncertainty with confidence.


Key Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance Insights_

  • Customer payment insights: Leverage machine learning to predict when customers will pay invoices, enabling proactive collection strategies and improved cash flow visibility.
  • Cash flow forecasting: Gain insights into future cash inflows and outflows, allowing you to plan for upcoming expenses, secure funding, and anticipate potential shortfalls.
  • Budget proposals: Generate intelligent budget proposals based on historical data and industry trends, streamlining the budgeting process and facilitating informed decision-making.


Benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance Insights_

  • Improved cash flow management: Predict and optimise cash flow, ensuring you have the funds readily available when needed.
  • Enhanced financial forecasting: Gain accurate forecasts of future financial performance, enabling proactive planning and risk mitigation.
  • Streamlined budgeting process: Generate pre-populated budget proposals, saving time and ensuring data-driven budgeting decisions.
  • Increased decision-making confidence: Make informed financial decisions based on reliable predictions and data-driven insights.
  • Reduced financial risks: Proactively identify and address potential financial issues before they escalate.


Who is it for?

Dynamics 365 Finance Insights is beneficial for any business using Dynamics 365 Finance, particularly those seeking to:

  • Improve cash flow predictability and management.
  • Gain deeper insights into financial performance and future trends.
  • Streamline budgeting processes and make data-driven decisions.
  • Reduce financial risks and proactively address potential issues.


Essentially, Dynamics 365 Finance Insights empowers Finance teams to more accurately predict financial outcomes, make informed decisions, and navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

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