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Power Platform Admin Centre_

What is the Power Platform Admin Centre?

The Power Platform Admin Centre is a unified web-based portal for administrators to manage environments, settings, and users across various Microsoft Power Platform services.

These services include:

  • Power Apps: A low-code platform for building custom business applications without writing code.
  • Power Automate: A cloud-based workflow automation tool for streamlining manual tasks and processes.
  • Power Pages: A low-code web development platform for building modern intranet sites and portal experiences.
  • Power Virtual Agents: A tool for creating intelligent chatbots to interact with users through various channels.


Key functionalities of the Power Platform Admin Centre_

  • Manage environments: Create, configure, and manage different environments where your apps, flows, and data reside.
  • Control user access: Assign users to specific roles and grant them appropriate permissions to access and utilise Power Platform services.
  • Monitor usage and performance: Gain insights into user activity, resource consumption, and application performance across your organisation.
  • Enforce governance policies: Implement policies and settings to govern data security, compliance, and user behaviour within the platform.
  • Configure data connections: Set up connections to various data sources like databases, SharePoint sites, and other services.
  • Manage licences and subscriptions: Track and manage your Power Platform licences and subscriptions for efficient resource allocation.


Benefits of using the Power Platform Admin Centre_

  • Centralised administration: Provides a single interface to manage all Power Platform services, simplifying administration and reducing complexity.
  • Improved security and compliance: Enforces governance policies and ensures controlled access to resources, enhancing data security and adherence to regulations.
  • Enhanced scalability and performance: Manages environments and resources effectively to optimise performance and scale your Power Platform deployments.
  • Increased visibility and insights: Provides valuable data and analytics to monitor usage, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions about your Power Platform environment.

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