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What is a Solution Publisher?

Whether it’s streamlining internal processes or developing software for public use, a Solution Publisher plays a crucial role in bringing innovative ideas to fruition. In essence, it’s the entity, individual, or organisation that takes ownership of developing and making these solutions available.

Imagine a Solution Publisher as the driving force behind a new invention. They conceive the idea, build the solution, and ultimately share it with the world. This role encompasses a range of responsibilities, such as:

  • Conceptualising and designing solutions.
  • Developing or acquiring the necessary technology.
  • Testing and refining the solution.
  • Marketing and distributing the solution to target users.
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance.


Solution Publishers operate across diverse fields, from building mobile apps to creating custom software for specific industries. However, in today’s technology-driven world, many Solution Publishers leverage platforms and tools offered by leading tech companies to bring their innovations to life.


Within the Microsoft ecosystem, the concept of a Solution Publisher takes on a specific meaning. Here, it refers to the entity (individual or organisation) that creates and publishes solutions built on Microsoft tools and technologies, such as:

  • Power Apps: Build custom business applications without coding.
  • Dynamics 365: Manage customer relationships, sales, and operations.
  • Azure: Develop and deploy cloud-based applications and services.
  • SharePoint: Collaborate on documents, manage data, and automate workflows.


By acting as a Solution Publisher within the Microsoft environment, you gain several advantages:

  • Increased visibility: Showcase your solutions to a wider audience through Microsoft’s extensive network and marketplaces.
  • Enhanced credibility: Establish yourself as a trusted provider of Microsoft-based solutions, leveraging Microsoft’s reputation and reach.
  • Simplified management: Track solution performance, usage analytics, and updates within a centralised platform.
  • Access to resources and support: Benefit from Microsoft’s developer tools, documentation, and support channels.


Becoming a Solution Publisher within Microsoft is straightforward. When you create a solution using their tools, you can designate a Solution Publisher name. This name then becomes associated with your solution, appearing in app stores, marketplaces, and other visibility channels.

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