As many efficient businesses now rely on a range of different software to facilitate their day to day operations – the importance of ensuring all these systems are connected is greater than ever.

Whilst computer systems such as sales, service or project management can enhance efficiency within a single department, they can also introduce extra work due to having to duplicate data across the systems in use by each department. Entering the same data into multiple systems is not only time consuming, but also introduces risk through inaccuracies and inconsistencies between the systems. Reporting is also time consuming as users have to manually collate and process multiple different data sets across each system, this is also an area where mistakes can occur.

As IT System consolidation and integration experts. There are two ways in which we look to improve this situation:

1: IT System Consolidation

Consolidating IT systems into a single platform, such as Microsoft Dynamics, is often the best way to provide a unified system across the business. As Microsoft Gold partners in cloud solutions we carry out IT system consolidation for several businesses each month.

2: System Integration

However system consolidation is not always possible, especially if your business uses industry specific software that can’t be replaced with a generic platform such as Dynamics. In this scenario, system integration is the answer, ensuring data is seamlessly moved from one system to another to ensure both are in sync.

Integration can take on many forms, from web services to Windows services and from real time transactions to overnight tasks. Architecting and designing integrations is a complex process, as it’s imperative that data is accurately moved and updated, otherwise your integration could leave you in a worse position than you started.

Our highly skilled delivery team will ensure that your integration is expertly architected, accurately designed and robustly implemented.

Our System Integration Services

Here are just a few of the integration services that we offer:

Infinity Group - eBillz Integration

Ebillz Integration

An IT and Telecoms industry specific billing platform, built to process CDRs and SDRs

Infinity Group - Prontoforms integration

Prontoforms Integration

A cross-platform, offline enabled, mobile data capture service, allowing users in the field to collect data such as forms, signatures and images offline and then synchronise the data with the office when a connection is established

Infinity Group- Horizon integration

Horizon Hosted Telecoms Integration

A hosted telephony platform, enabling screen popping and click to dial from various other applications

Infinity Group - Wordpress Integration

WordPress Integration

Integrating back office data with customers’ websites in real time, removing the need to manually update the site

Infinity Group - Sage Integration

Sage Integration

With Sage 50 being the most popular accounts packages in the world for small business, integration is a common request, we have written Sage integrations for a variety of purposes, from integrating the entire data set to simply pushing customers balances to a credit control system

Here are the benefits of our IT system consolidation services:

  • Consolidation experience – our lead consultants have worked with Microsoft Dynamics since the very start and on all the versions – their experience is second to none
  • Cost effective – avoid multiple high monthly subscriptions from third party systems
  • Boost productivity – improve overall business performance with a customised Dynamics setup
  • Unlimited flexibility – no more shoe-horning your business into your IT
  • Expertise – being certified Dynamics software developers you can be sure you will get the very best advice and service
  • Reliability – being cloud-based, disaster recovery, backups and the very latest infrastructure come as standard
  • 24 hour support – is available should you require it

We look forward to discussing your IT System Consolidation requirements in more detail. Call or email us