Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an exceptionally powerful business platform that can be fully customised to accommodate your specific business needs. Alongside Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation,  Infinity Group also offer Dynamics 365 platform customisation where we customise Dynamics 365 to accommodate specific business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 capability

The following apps are available within the Dynamics 365 platform; operations, customer service, sales, marketing, field services, finance and project management. We can create processes such as routing customer enquiries directly to your agent who specialises in solving cases with the same nature – making the resolution time shorter and more efficient. This powerful platform really does enhance and optimise your business operations.

We work with many businesses and understand the common problems which lead to lost revenue and profits. The biggest culprit from an IT perspective, is having several third party systems setup within their business e.g. sales, marketing, HR and finance systems – all standalone and disconnected from one another.

What is the core business benefit of Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 will enable your business to gain and in-depth understanding of your customers and in turn, your business will then be equipped to provide customers with the service and products that they require as an when they need it. Dynamics 365 puts your customer needs in focus.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 app customisation

Infinity Group - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales business application was formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We can customise the Sales application to suit your specific business credentials and enable you to automate your sales processes, boost productivity and revenue and gain key insights while reducing costs.

We can create customised dashboards to enable senior management to have a real time overview of sales performance that can include, lead details, pipeline segmentation, performance of sales agents, predicted revenue and can also forecast closing dates on leads plus much more.

We can also automate notifications and alerts that notify the sales agents and senior management about the status of each lead. For example an alert to say a particular contact has not ordered for a while or to indicate potential new upsell opportunities.

Please get in touch for more information about this app and to arrange a live demonstration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Also formerly known as Dynamics CRM. We can customise the customer service app to ensure specific types of customer queries are routed to the correct person, department or sales team which reduces the customers time spent on the phone to your business and improves internal efficiency.

We are able to customise specific reports relating to customer service performance that highlight specific trends in queries (eg. a rise in complaints about a specific product), monitor response times and call durations etc. These reports can also be shared with Marketing and the insight gained from them can be used for future campaigns and also to improve overall customer service performance.

Please get in touch for more information about this app and to arrange a live demonstration.

Dynamics 365 for Operations

This business application brings all the functionality you require to run every aspect of your business including finance, HR, asset management and can be fully customised to suit your operational needs. This app can improve efficiencies between your operations team and the sales team to ensure they are working optimally.

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Dynamics 365 for financials

Dynamics 365 for Financials makes inventory management, sales invoicing, discounts, purchasing and currency management easier and faster. The Financials app can be customised to automatically process payments and reconcile bank accounts, it can also identify overdue accounts to help manage your business finances effectively. Enabling an integration across all your business applications within finance will improve your overall financial management by having a complete picture across accounting, sales, purchasing inventory and customer accounts.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Formerly known as Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities provide a complete field service management solution, which helps optimise your service schedule with efficient routing, resource skill matching, and reduced travel time. This useful addition helps to increase first time fix rates and on-time delivery performance and enhance real-time communication and collaboration between customer service, dispatch, field agents, and customers.

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Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Formerly known as Dynamics CRM. The Project Service Automation app is fully customisable. Our data scientists can customise this app in several different ways. For example: Enabling automatic delivery of accurate estimates to your suppliers and customers based on historical data and transactions. We can enable functionality that gathers previous customer estimate data – that notifies your sales agents and estimators if they are quoting at a higher rate than previous to ensure a quick sign off of goods and services and instills trust between you and the customer.

Please get in touch for more information about this app and to arrange a live demonstration.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Powered by the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Dynamics 365 for Marketing will enliven your customer experience making your marketing messaging succinct and personalised. We can customise this app to sync with your sales and customer service data to provide insights into customer behaviour patterns and their response to marketing materials and campaigns.

We can also sync this with Dynamics 365 for Finance and/or Sales ensuring your marketing department has a real time oversight into sales performance that can then determine additional marketing spend to meet monthly sales targets if required. We can also implement functionality that will automatically flag a group or individual customers who are experiencing a similar problem. eg. They won’t buy a product as they don’t understand the benefits. Your marketing department can then ensure they are included as part of a product awareness campaign in future or sent some additional content to nurture their specific needs and convert them.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 training programs

Businesses achieve the ultimate value from their investments when employees are empowered how to use the purpose of their business solutions. We offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 training programs that deliver these objectives:

  • We educate employees about the business purpose of the implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution
  • We empower employees to enhance productivity and collaboration using the tools available
  • We harness increased business process efficiency, employee satisfaction and innovation
  • We prepare employees for future streamlining, integrations and transformation as Dynamics 365 technology evolves

Each course is bespoke and tailored to suit your businesses current product knowledge and specific to your implemented solution. The successful adoption criteria are set collaboratively between you and our training specialists, ensuring that we achieve them together. We also offer SharePoint and Office 365 training programs.

Microsoft Dynamics new product names

Here are the benefits of our Microsoft Dynamics software development services:

  • Collaboration – one joined up platform that does everything your business needs
  • Experience – our lead consultants have worked with Microsoft Dynamics since the very start and on all the versions – their experience is second to none
  • Cost effective – avoid multiple high monthly subscriptions from third party systems
  • Boost productivity – improve overall business performance with a customised Dynamics setup
  • Unlimited flexibility – no more shoe-horning your business into your IT
  • Expertise – being certified Dynamics software developers you can be sure you will get the very best advice and service
  • Reliability – being cloud-based, disaster recovery, backups and the very latest infrastructure come as standard
  • 24 hour support – is available should you require it

We look forward to discussing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM software development requirements in more detail. Call or email us