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Comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online with Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise

There are two main ways to host Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online or Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise using your own local server. We explore the benefits and features of both and clearly show all the main differences in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online vs On Premise comparison table shown below.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
 Online is where Microsoft hosts your solution in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise, where you host your solution on your own local server.

Depending on your business setup and requirements, there are several advantages and disadvantages to both. Both versions have endless flexibility, features and benefits, but it’s important that you evaluate the requirements of your business so you can make an informed decision on which hosting option is best suits your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise Hosting

If your choice is to host your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution locally on your own server than the On-Premise option is best suited to you. By choosing this option you would have complete ownership of your data and can decide when you want to roll out the updates and security patches. This option can be beneficial if your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution integrates with several different business systems at once as the controlled updates can avoid unnecessary disruption.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise, your storage options are fixed as it’s hosted on your own server preventing the need to worry about rising costs should you require extra storage at a later date.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online enables you to host your solution in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Another benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it is fully ISO 27001/GDPR and G-Cloud compliant giving you the reassurance that your data is hosted in a highly secure environment. You will also receive automatic feature updates and security patches as they are released and incur no additional hardware costs. You will constantly be at the forefront of future Microsoft Dynamics 365 releases for new features.

Within your Microsoft Dynamics Online hosting agreement, you are covered by a robust disaster recovery process and five layers of security.

More security features and facts can be found here.

The below table highlights the important differences of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise to assist you in making the correct choice for your business.

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