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What we learnt at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales replaces Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This powerful business application has been improved and repackaged and boasts a wealth of business benefits.

Infinity Group attended the annual Microsoft Inspire conference alongside 30,000 other partners from all over the world in the heat of the Nevada desert. We had a jam-packed week full of eye opening sessions around what’s in store for the next year from Microsoft, covering all technologies from Xbox to Microsoft Dynamics 365

What did we learn at Microsoft Inspire?

With keynotes coming from some of Microsoft’s most senior staff in the Business Applications, Modern Workplace and Azure product areas, the event was based around daily ‘Corenote’ presentations each morning in the T-Mobile Arena followed by breakout sessions for the various products and platforms Microsoft offers at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. After reviewing the amazing results Microsoft have had over the past year, the focus of the event was very much what the future looks like for customers on, or moving to, Microsoft’s Cloud environment. Microsoft have invested heavily in their cloud infrastructure, adding many data-centres around the world, and are incentivising customers and partners alike to move to a Cloud track. Adopting Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure opens up a world of intelligent services running on the Azure platform, including Artificial Intelligence, IoT Devices and Machine Learning.

Satya Nadella at Microsoft Inspire 2018 | Infinity Group

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the core focus in the Business Applications arena, with impressive demonstrations of Connected Field Service where IoT Devices report problems to Dynamics 365 which are triaged by AI services, resolved if possible, and then auto scheduled using the latest Universal Resource Scheduling capability. Following this up was remote engineer using a HoloLens. This device allows a remote engineer to be in the same virtual room and assist with troubleshooting the issue. Microsoft are clearly positioning Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the foundation for all business operations, ‘business applications’ now covers a wide range of services, including:

By centralising the platform that underpins all of these services (to use the Common Data Service layer), each of the applications is easily integrated and extended using a standard, familiar toolset. The closing keynote came from Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella. This was focussed on the gains in productivity that applications like Microsoft Teams can bring when used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, highlighting the power of AI to reduce call volumes and first line support and the use of bots to deliver always on services for customers. By pushing Microsoft, and therefore their customers and partners, to adopt a cloud strategy, Satya Nadella has ensured that more and more businesses have access to cutting edge cloud services which are always available, scalable and constantly updated. In just four years, Nadella has changed the technology landscape at Microsoft and around the world, by adopting a growth mindset to lead the company forward and improve all of products and services it offers. We came away from Microsoft Inspire with a real belief that Microsoft are delivering on their mission statement: “to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”.

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