Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service discovery package

Our fixed price Dynamics 365 Customer Service discovery package will take you through guided workshops to establish the requirements that need to be delivered within your solution.

Improve customer satisfaction with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics Customer Service enables organisations to capture and track customer requests as cases and to manage those through to their conclusion. Users can manage multiple cases at a time, can identify similar cases (and potentially their resolutions) whilst managing against configurable Service Level Agreements.

Allocate cases and track interactions

As the case is managed during its life cycle it can be automatically allocated to the correct user or team based on the type of case or support needed to help resolve it. Interactions can be tracked against the case allowing a full history to be established. Additionally, relevant knowledge articles can also be easily shared allowing solutions to repeated questions or issues be accessed and/or passed on with reduced effort.

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What is included in the discovery workshops?

In our fixed price discovery workshops we’ll talk through your whole customer service process in detail to give us a full understanding. These will be captured as requirements and allows us to then provide you with an estimate to deliver the full project for you.

Scope definition

We’ll hold an initial high level workshop to discuss the outline of your customer service. This will then form the basis of the agendas for the detailed sessions

Requirements gathering workshops

These should be attended by users from various levels across the team from customer service director, team leads and end users. This ensures we get a balanced perspective and requirements from across the whole process.

Detailed process mapping

We’ll walk through your customer service processes step by step. We’ll document this as the starting point to ensure that they are fully understood.

Design the To Be processes

We’ll discuss any pain points and also be devil’s advocate and then ways in which your existing processes could be improved to agree your To Be processes


MOSCOW is a process of prioritising requirements for projects. It allows organisations to manage costs whilst still ensuring that key functionality is delivered in the early phases. Anything that is of a lesser priority can then be considered as part of a later phase.

Fixed deliverables and a fixed cost for simplicity

By having a fixed cost, it allows you to gain a full understanding of what will be required to fulfil your end vision. It does happen that these workshops have generated requirements that were perhaps not considered originally or may lead to an implementation that requires more effort than originally estimated. 

Defined requirements
By going through this process we can ensure that requirements are fully formed and understood by all and that the priorities for the initial delivery are agreed.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service discovery packages

Customer Service Professional

Package cost £3000
  • Case Management
  • SLAs
  • Queues
  • Case Routing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Entitlements
  • Activity Management

Customer Service Enterprise

Package cost £5000

Includes all items in Customer Service Professional plus:

  • Customer Surveys using Dynamics Customer Voice
  • AI to better help drive better decision making and improve customer satisfaction
  • Business Units and Teams

Prerequisites before we start the process

We’ll need to talk to your key people about how they work and how Dynamics can support them. Ideally workshops would be attended by 5-6 users from various levels across the team from customer service director, team leads and end users. This ensures we get a balanced perspective and requirements from across the whole process.

* If using Customer Service Enterprise or Customer Service Premium additional workshops will be conducted covering elements such as forecasting, LinkedIn integration, goals, AI.


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A typical discovery workshop schedule

Implementation timings: Customer Service Professional – 6 days Customer Service Enterprise – 9 days

We’ll start with a call with you and your project manager to talk through the detail of what will happen and who we’ll need in the workshops.

We’ll start with introductions followed by a brief demonstration of an out of the box Dynamics 365 Customer Service application to give you and your teams a flavour of the application.

We’ll identify the key processes that we’ll need to address during the day before moving on to mapping the As Is process. As prat of the mapping process we’ll identify any pain points that we need to consider when we map the To Be processes

We’ll take the requirements captured during the workshops and document those. We’ll give you access so that you can review and approve them.

We will document an indicative design along with the effort to build it where required.

We ask you to review the requirements both to ensure that we have documented everything required and also to ensure that they reflect your needs. We’ll also ask you to add the acceptance criteria by which you will confirm that the requirement has been successfully delivered.

We’ll prepare and review our proposal to you for the implementation of your requirements. This may include phasing or removing items of scope following discussion with you.

You’ll review the proposal and let us know if you have any questions. After that it just needs to be signed off.

Once your discovery workshop is complete

At the end of the process we will have documented your requirements and agreed the scope for what will need to be delivered. This will require input from you and your teams to both to identify the key priorities that need to be delivered and also to ensure that the requirements are accurate and that you have defined how you will measure that the requirement has been successfully delivered. 

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