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The business benefits of Outsourced Telecoms


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Business Telecoms are normally cared for by the IT team or Operations Director; or for larger SMEs, the Communications Department.

Why should you consider Outsourced Telecoms?

Historically, smaller SMEs have arranged their business Telecom requirements directly with the large major network providers. However, due to poor customer service, high call costs and lengthy contracts they are now outsourcing their business Telecoms to external Telecoms Support companies who offer higher expertise, added flexibility and better value for money.

What are the business benefits of Outsourced Telecoms?

1: Cost reduction

A Telecoms Support provider (such as Infinity Group) can offer bulk discounts on handsets, the best call tariffs and contract duration due to industry buying power. We also offer further discounts if companies also choose us for their business IT Support.

2: Additional user features giving you more control

Telecoms Support providers have access to cutting edge device management software where they can monitor overall device usage, call costs and other things. They also have the ability to quickly flag suspicious behaviour eg. Dial through fraud threats, and can add things like user specific data roaming limits in an instant.

3: Added contractual flexibility to suit your current business needs

Up and downsizing of a company can cause a change in the level of Business Telecoms required. Unlike the big networks that commonly supply SMEs who manage their own Telecoms, a Telecoms Support provider can amend and adapt your Telecoms setup to suit your current business needs.

4: Enhanced customer service

Customer service can be very unpredictable for those companies who buy Telecoms services direct from the large networks. By choosing to work with a Telecoms Support provider you will receive excellent customer service that will make your business Telecoms management as easy as possible with minimal stress. We can demonstrate this with a 97% customer satisfaction rating at present.

5: Telecoms strategy

A dedicated Telecoms provider understands your business objectives and matches the correct Telecoms technology best suited to them. They are also able to advise on the latest industry developments and compliance regulations to ensure your Telecoms setup remains future proofed. As Mitel, Panasonic and Horizon Hosted Telecoms partners we are the first to know about updates.

If you are considering outsourcing your business Telecoms in the near future or looking to switch providers, please get in touch and we would be pleased to discuss your individual business needs.


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