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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence

28th Jun 2022 | 4 min read

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence
Blog updated as of 28th June 2022

Rapid digitalisation and growth have led to various improvements within internal business processes; one of such being sales. It has become critical for sales managers and leaders to implement emerging technologies and systems to keep up with evolving trends for continued success.

One of the key factors in the roadmap to sales success is effective communication. To achieve a seamless flow of interactions with clients, manual and tedious methods of executing tasks ought to be replaced with automated and intelligent software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence uses the power of Microsoft Azure AI to take call recording data and provide actionable insights based on the content of the phone call. It equips modern sales representatives to gain insights and actionable tasks after conversations with clients.

Due to time constraints and the pressure to deliver, excessive time is spent recording notes from client calls. With Call Intelligence, users will be able to record conversation automatically. Key pointers will also be highlighted for future reference.

Powered via intelligent AI features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence transcribes calls and customer details to facilitate data analysis and decision making.

In addition, Call Intelligence suggests next best actions, detects relevant notes, identifies keywords, competitor, people and pricing mentions and allows users to comment on generated transcripts.

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How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence work?

You can choose to have Microsoft record and store calls in your own system and then upload them to Azure, after which configuration is required to upload call recordings from your phone system as .wav or .mp3 files, with an accompanying file containing data about the call such as the ‘from’ and ‘to’ phone numbers, date and the time, this data is also easily accessible from your phone system.

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What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence include?

A portal for sales managers is included, so once your data is uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence, Azure AI is used to transcribe and then analyse the call, offering you valuable team insights such as:

  • Top mentioned competitors
  • Salespeople with the most negative or positive sentiment
  • Listening vs. talking time
  • Average talking speed by salesperson

All of this data can then be taken and combined with your sales data using Power BI to give you insightful reports showing correlation between call intelligence data and real, tangible, sales.

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How can you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence?

Microsoft Dynamics Call Intelligence is now available as part of the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Sales Premium licenses, set up is quick and simple. Once in place, this tool empowers your sellers to spend less time taking notes and scheduling follow up activities and to spend more time on high value sales tasks and customer interactions.

A Recap of Key Benefits:


Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence enables sales leaders to accurately record information from client calls. These records allow for accurate referencing to drive competitive revenue and results.

Seamless Communication

A constant bottleneck that sales personnel face are cumbersome client calls. Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence facilitates easy conversations by automatically transcribing and highlighting key details. This simplifies the mode of communication between the parties involved. Furthermore, sales teams are able to build personalised information with customers.

Informed Insights

The gathering of sales insights contributes to opportunity tracking. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call intelligence assists sales executives in identifying new leads and opportunities, from factors such as customer specifications and behaviours. This can be done through the critical analysis of information derived from the AI dashboard.

Simplified processes

By taking out complex and time-consuming processes related to sales calls, sellers are empowered to focus on other important tasks, hence increasing productivity and efficiency.

In summary, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call intelligence plays an important role in sales progression and overall improvement across board. By implementing intelligent solutions, traditional methods are eliminated, therefore improving sales processes across a business.

Infinity Group is keen to provide you with consultancy and advice on Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence, get in touch with expert team for a detailed discussion.

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