Microsoft Dynamics 365

Multi-table lookups. Multi – table lookups have long been high on the request list to allow developers to facilitate more complex relationships for customers. Well its now in the road map! Available from September 2021.

Improvements to Audit capabilities. Administrators will now be able to set a retention period for audit data. Once expired, the data will be removed from automatically. Available from September 2021.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Conversation Intelligence. Teams customer calls or online meetings can be transcribed and assigned to a Dynamics 365 record, with AI giving sellers access to insights, sentiment, and follow-up actions.

Automation and adaptive sequences. Ability to suggest or automate the next best actions for the salesperson. Sequence Listener allows engagement with emails to be tracked giving analytics for emails opened, links clicked, attachments opened and sentiment, all vital tools for salespeople to understand customer engagement. Additionally, phone or meeting conversations can track keywords, sentiment, competitors mentioned.

Maker Portal

Convergence of Maker Portals. Currently there are three separate maker portals – Power Platform, Canvas Apps and Teams. These will converge to become a single maker portal. Available October 2021.

Create custom pages. This functionality will allow developers to replace standard forms with custom pages giving a more web-like experience and allow a “forms first” approach rather than data first.

Microsoft Teams Apps

Canvas apps created in Teams can be shared with users throughout the organisations, not just those in the team where the app was created.

Power BI – Goals

The public preview of Goals in Power BI is now available. Goals allow organisations to measure the key business metrics that matter the most. Once set, performance can then measure at a user, team or organisation level as required .

Read more about Power Bi goals here direct from the Microsoft website.

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