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Microsoft Inspire 2022 Day 2 Recap and Other Highlights

21st Jul 2022 | 6 min read

Microsoft Inspire 2022 Day 2 Recap and Other Highlights

The just ended Microsoft Inspire 2022 Global conference saw numerous product announcements and new applications for the industry. The event which took place from July 19th-July 20th brought together partners, educators, collaborators, facilitators and leaders from across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Led by Judson Althoff, Microsoft EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Day 2 of Microsoft Inspire reiterated the commitment of Microsoft in supporting its global partners through the provision of the requisite tools and systems. This is to ensure that the partner network is equipped fully to create digitally transformational solutions for customers.

Big Announcements

Microsoft Partners with Oracle

It was announced that Microsoft and Oracle would be joining hands in providing a unified solution which will be aimed at providing Azure customers with a platform to access data easily. This availability will grant users the ability to monitor Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Users will be able to access data in a seamless manner to enhance the quality and flow of work. This partnership will create the opportunity for streamlined cloud solutions across various environments. The enhancements will enable Azure applications to be run easily on the Oracle platform as a single solution.

Microsoft CEO and Chairman, Satya Nadella, speaking with Larry Ellison, Chairman and CTO of Oracle, on the importance of the collaboration, stated that it will allow customers to undertake cloud deployments faster for agility, lowered cost and time to value improvements. In addition, this will allow users to align their IT investments to scale with their increasing demand.

The software giants came together two years ago to deliver Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure. This unified partnership however will see further improvements including cross-cloud collaboration, multi-cloud accelerations and faster on-premises to cloud migrations. Additionally, it will aid in cross-cloud network setups to identity management.

Staying in the Azure console whilst using Oracle, will enable customers access applications such as PowerApps for analytics and reporting. This includes sectors such as retail, life sciences and manufacturing.

Microsoft and Oracle Partnership | Infinity Group

Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

Digital transformation for governments is gaining traction quickly. Governments from different parts of the globe are restructuring and accelerating digital enhancements. Microsoft has announced Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, designed for the government sector to support their delivery of services to their customers. This program will digitally transform public sector workloads within Microsoft’s Cloud. Pillars such as compliance, security and policy requirements will also be supported.

cloud migration | Infinity Group

Digital Contact Center Platform

The announcement of Microsoft’s new Digital Contact Center is set to combine several products such as Teams, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Nuance into a streamlined and collaborative platform for the creation of a seamless user experience. In addition, it will offer the chance to create bespoke customers experiences for improved value. Other benefits of the channel include personalised engagements, interonnectivity and cost reduction.

Other highlights

Empowering Financial Services within a Hybrid Workforce

The effectiveness of financial companies within a post-pandemic environment was also explored at Microsoft Inspire 2022.

Global Chief Information Officer of Manulife, Shamus Weiland, in a discussion with Microsoft CVP for Worldwide Financial Services, Bill Borden, outlined how the business survived remote working using Microsoft programs such as Teams, Viva Insights and Microsoft 365 applications. These listed software are designed to facilitate the effectiveness of flexible and hybrid work.

With the pandemic changing the way businesses functioned, Microsoft programs played a critical role in the continuity of financial business whilst several of those workforce worked from remote locations. Examples include banks, insurance companies, credit unions etc.

The future of work is changing, hence the importance of business investing in applications such as Teams and Viva Insights, for the promotion of team collaboration and user insights respectively in financial services.

finance team | Infinity Group

The Value of User Experience

Positive User Experience is a fundamental element that every business should have. With research and the right tools in place, business leaders and employees should be able to determine the preferences and behaviours of their customers.

Grupo Bimbo, SVP Global Business Technology, Juan Pajon, speaking with Shelley Bransten, Microsoft CVP Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods, mentioned that incorporating Microsoft programs had allowed his team to build a solid digital strategy for more streamlined and effective user journeys to be created. They were able to meet customer demands whilst balancing the change in work due to the pandemic.

FY23 principles

Mr. Althoff, Microsoft EVP and Chief Commercial Officer further stated his outfit’s dedication to empowering its partners worldwide to succeed across board. To strengthen the investment in the partner ecosystem, he outlined 5 key principles the company is poised to implement internally to drive continued partnerships for increased customer value.

Remain customer obsessed

A sales academy will be rolled out to sharpen sales skillsets to achieve modern selling practices. This involves the application of technology together with selling to achieve significant results.

Regional skill at scale

Thousands of knowledgeable resources will be added across regional markets to support Microsoft partners in delivering better to customers.

Focus on growth and share

This a combined effort to focus on the growth of both Microsoft and its partner network. This will in turn lead to the overall growth of customers across various industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality, public sectors etc.

Digital First

Focusing on the upscaling of the channel ecosystem, it will promote the interconnectivity of digital marketing and sales to drive more opportunities.

Simplify and optimise

The simplification of processes and systems will enhance systems and the overall collaboration with partners.

FY23 principles | Infinity Group

Overall, Microsoft Inspire 2022 was a great success and brought together all the relevant industry players. It was great to learn, connect and be inspired by all the top-notch activities taking place within the ecosystem.

At Infinity Group, we continue to adopt all the latest features across the Microsoft suite, to improve your business. For more information, you can get in touch with us.

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