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Microsoft Inspire 2023: Key highlights and top news_

21st Jul 2023 | 5 min read

Microsoft Inspire 2023: Key highlights and top news_

This year’s Microsoft Inspire 2023 conference covered discussions surrounding Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. The annual event which kicked off with a keynote address by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, brought together a number of partners and other key stakeholders in the Microsoft ecosystem.

The current AI era has created the opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to tap into a new level of innovation and creativity using generative AI tools. Microsoft is championing the agenda and is inventing products to increase business capabilities and optimisation.

In this blog, we will cover our key highlights and hear top takeaways from some of our Infinity Group technical experts.


Introducing Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot_

Microsoft is setting the pace with Bing Chat Enterprise, its modern AI innovation. Bing Chat Enterprise is one of the newest additions to its stack of applications which will empower you with AI powered chat for work. Commercial customers will be able to gain access to improved answers for more efficiency. With its secure framework, the application ensures that sensitive information is kept secure and confidential. Benchmarks such as user data, conversations and chat activity are also kept private for the prevention of data leakages outside of your organisation.

To have an edge against your competitors, it is crucial that you incorporate modern technologies into your workflow. One of such ways you can create this leverage is through Microsoft 365 Copilot. As an enterprise-grade software, Copilot gives you next level productivity via its advanced AI functionalities. It has the ability to access information from Teams to enhance collaboration among employees. The software also produces answers in business data such as emails, documents, calendars and chats, to create a seamless flow of work. Additionally, Copilot has the ability to create detailed SWOT analysis with corresponding bullet points from internal files and data, unleashing a whole new way of working.


Microsoft Sales Copilot_

Microsoft announced the evolution of the scope of Sales Copilot. It is a role-based Copilot designed to automate tasks to help sellers improve upon their productivity. It can be accessed via other software such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Outlook or Teams. The AI functionalities available in Microsoft Sales Copilot will assist with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by providing actionable insights and AI recommendations to improve upon customer interactions.

Other features include Teams call and email thread summaries to enhance the selling experience. Sales Copilot utilises AI components to help sellers save time while performing their everyday tasks. With AI-powered insights, users have access to sales opportunities and avenues for scaling up.

Process mining in Power Automate_

Identifying opportunities to drive the AI advantage to your customers is key in the growth of your business. To enable you do this efficiently, Microsoft has announced the general availability of process mining in Power Automate. This tool is useful in mapping out business processes such as finance, human resources and sales, from AI-backed insights. It incorporates AI functionalities for the optimisation of processes across the board. Process mining in Power Automate will also allow you to improve upon customer interactions and deployments.


Regional expansion of Azure OpenAI Service_

The increased availability of Azure OpenAI Service in North America and Western Europe was also announced at Inspire 2023. Additionally, it will be available in Asia for the first time. With over 4500 users, the product helps businesses in building chatbots using data, text summarisation and content generation.


Meta and Microsoft collaboration_

Microsoft announced that it will be expanding its long standing partnership with Meta. Both parties are set to collaborate on building the Llama family of large language models on Azure and Windows. Microsoft will be supporting Meta in releasing Llama 2 on Azure and Windows innovating in open model. Llama 2 is the next generation of Meta’s open source large language model.

As an Azure customer, you will have access to AI features for innovation, increased productivity and growth. Llama 2 will be open to companies across various sectors to equip them with the advanced AI tool to set them up for success.


Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program_

To allow for partners in the evolving ecosystem take full advantage of the fast developments of AI, Microsoft has announced the new AI Cloud Partner Program. This will empower partners in driving the AI agenda to customers through innovative products that will solve their needs. Partners will also have access to a wide pool of AI offerings for business growth and customer value. Improved go-to-market opportunities will also be made available to all partners including ISVs, startups and system integrators.


Inspire insights from Infinity_

With so many exciting updates from the Inspire conference we wanted to get some key takeaways from some of our Infinity Group experts. Watch the short video below to hear takeaways from our Chief Innovation Officer, Tristan Shortland, and Solutions Architect, Declan Knight.



What’s next after Microsoft Inspire 2023?

The buzz around AI won’t go down anytime soon. We are constantly monitoring the rapid developments happening across the sphere to ensure that we innovate to bring you modern solutions to your business needs. Our experienced team of consultants are equipped with industry knowledge to help you understand AI and what it means for your organisation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or any other enquiries you might have.

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