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Top Insights from Microsoft Ignite 2022

13th Oct 2022 | 6 min read

Top Insights from Microsoft Ignite 2022

This year’s Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference kicked off with a hybrid event which was streamed globally. The theme centred around helping customers do more with less across the Microsoft Cloud, highlighted core themes surrounding empowering employees through the provision of new and improved technology to enhance the power of the cloud. This blog will cover all the main highlights and the new products to keep an eye out for.

Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella opened the event with a keynote address outlining 5 thematic areas to further the vision of facilitating customers to work in a more advanced, innovative and agile manner. He explained that doing more with less required the use smart technology rather than physical effort.

Using the 5 key imperatives to achieve digital transformation

Aimed at supporting Microsoft’s goal of reimagining digital transformation for an intelligent cloud environment, these core pillars act as the pulley through which technology can be used to amplify the work of organisations. The imperatives function around the Microsoft Cloud for the delivery of security, efficiency, data optimisation and innovation.

Be data-driven and optimise with Azure

Azure cloud computing enables businesses build agility across board for improved productivity. Mr. Nadella stated, “Azure is the trusted ubiquitous computing platform for all organisations and workloads.”

He went on to further mention that scaling up can be achieved through the power of Azure’s cloud infrastructure to enable users to do more with less.

Azure Arc can be used by organisations spanning across multiple industries to build applications for consistent security models. Acting as an extension of Azure, it helps in the delivery of Azure services from any location. Running on integrated systems, the software provides a platform for organisations to manage their workloads and the building of applications. Furthermore, Azure Kubernetes enabled by Azure Arc facilitates Azure hybrid benefits.

Lastly, it was reiterated that Azure is the only cloud platform that supports all forms of data (at rest, in transit and in use) and the most sensitive of applications.

Data: For quality data-driven decisions, Microsoft intelligent data platform is available for businesses to ensure a comprehensive end to end data platform.

Analytics: Azure Synapse Analytics allows organisations gather key data across hybrid and multi-cloud data sources quickly. Synapse Link also offers interconnectivity to SQL, Cosmos DB and Dataverse.

Deliver efficiency and automation and AI

It was highlighted that Artificial Intelligence is at the core of doing more with less. An example is Azure Machine Learning which allows businesses innovate on a more secure hybrid platform. The software empowers IT leaders such as developers build, train and deployment of models. It also assists in scaling up and delivery of output.

Microsoft also announced its partnership with OpenAI to create systems including GPT for Human-like language generation, DALL∙E for the creation of realistic images and Codex for advanced code generation across various programming languages. These AI capabilities are useful for businesses in the completion of activities such as content creation, code generation and rapid response marketing campaigns. Case studies include Mattel, HSBC BMW, Shell and PWC.

Microsoft Designer: The newly announced graphic design application will help users with the creation of trendy images, social media posts, invitations, digital postcards and other designs. Its advanced AI features will make the production of items such as templates simpler, faster and smarter. It will also be particularly useful to small businesses in search of content for quick web builds for marketing and promotions.

Innovate with a cloud developer platform

GitHub Copilot apples Codex to translate language prompts into real time code. By drawing context from the code, it simplifies it and is able to complete lines. Furthermore, with about 40% of the code already written, GitHub Copilot allows developers to write code 50% faster with reduced stress, thereby, allowing them to do more with less.

It also comprises of ‘explain code’ which translates code into plain language and the ‘translate code’ functionality which enables users select any language to translate it to.

Reenergise your workforce with Microsoft 365

Over the past few years, the digital transformation agenda by Microsoft has been aimed at empowering users via Microsoft 365 applications. The familiarity of software including Teams, Outlook, Excel and SharePoint empowers remote working employees to work productively from any location around the world.

Microsoft 365 enables a secure and productive hybrid working environment for all. Organisations are encouraged to deploy Microsoft 365, Teams and Viva for an integrated and interconnected workforce.

Microsoft Graph, a new update in Microsoft 365 will also provide insights to relationships, group work activities, meetings, events and many others, hence helping business leaders to understand the rubrics of their digital workforce. New applications such as Loop, Clipchamp, Stream and Designer have also been announced as an extension of the ecosystem.

Teams: Providing a better platform of team collaboration and various aspects of synchronisation, Teams can support various types of working patterns and schedules. Over the past year, Microsoft announced the introduction of over 450 new features targeted at capabilities such as enhancing chat, video and conferencing.

The newly announced ‘Teams Premium’ will provide a better way to meet for highly confidential conversations and ‘Intelligent recap for Microsoft Teams meetings’ is set to incorporate AI to reference important aspects of calls as well as the assignment of tasks and any key takeaways that may take place during a Teams chat.

Protect everything, everyone, everywhere

The changing needs of an organisation’s cloud and digital could make the attainment of the necessary security infrastructure costly. However, with the rise in cyber security incidents due to hybrid and remote working, some businesses have adopted several disconnected solutions which have created even further problems.

Microsoft Security solves this problem with its ecosystem of robust applications including Entra, Purview, Priva and Intune for cloud protection.

Some other Product Announcements

Azure Elastic SAN

A cloud-native, fully managed storage area network service for integration and workload optimisation

Azure Container for PyTorch in Azure Machine Learning

Optimisation software for training

DALL∙E 2 coming to Azure Open AI Service

For the generation of custom images or texts in Azure

Microsoft Syntex

Content AI to empower people and automate processes

Automatic attack disruption for Microsoft Defender

Advanced protection at machine speed

Microsoft Entra Identity Governance

Connecting the right people, access, resources and time

Now in preview:

Azure VMS featuring Ampere Altra Arm-based processors

Azure Managed Confidential Consortium Framework

To conclude, the introduction of all the latest updates, product features and enhancements at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference are aimed at ensuring that every organisation across the globe is empowered across all digital functions.

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