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Top learnings from Microsoft Inspire 2022 Day 1

20th Jul 2022 | 5 min read

Top learnings from Microsoft Inspire 2022 Day 1

If you’re active in the wider Microsoft ecosystem, then you will have heard or attended the 2022 Microsoft Inspire Conference that commenced yesterday. Packed with solid nuggets about new systems and applications to be rolled out, the event gave us a lot to look out for in the coming period.

Commencing the event was a keynote address by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, outlining the latest innovations to promote business growth and transformation.

This is our recap of the top highlights and announcements to take note of.

Keynote address

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, kicked off Microsoft Inspire 2022 by expanding on the opportunities the institution has created for organisations and modern businesses across the world. He stressed on the positive impact Microsoft 365 applications had made on modern businesses. By adopting the functional programs in the system, organisations across the world have produced effective results and change. Mr. Nadella stated Microsoft’s intention to equip businesses to have a unique differentiation, build resilience and do more with less.

He further stated that the infusion of digital technology into various parts of business is critical in achieving overall success. This is necessary so that all organisations can ‘Do more with less’.  With the right technology, work can be made easier and more productive for both businesses and their customers. Microsoft’s cloud offers a trusted and comprehensive pathway to connect people and infrastructure to produce innovation.

Digital Imperative highlights

Cloud migration

Productivity lies within migration to solid cloud platforms that enhance team collaboration and work. Microsoft is demystifying the complicated concept of cloud solutions so that business leaders can understand the numerous benefits of the cloud. It was revealed that according to a report by Gartner, 95% of new digital workloads will be migrated to cloud-native platforms by the year 2025.

Its endless benefits include increase operational efficiency, faster time-to-value processes and cost elimination. This way customers can be reached quicker, simpler and faster. Microsoft plans to extend cloud and edge solutions across board. It was announced that next year will see an establishment of 10 new data centre regions across 10 markets within 4 continents (in countries such as Spain, Italy, Austria and Poland).

cloud migration | Infinity Group

Empower fusion teams

There has been a rapid growth in digitalisation across many sectors including public service, technology, entertainment and retail. This has led to the adoption of Azure DevOps by tech companies; which according to Microsoft’s CEO is fast becoming the default means of deploying code to production for the creation of up-scaling opportunities.

azure dev ops | Infinity Group

Data and AI models

The importance of sorting out data infrastructure and implementing large AI models across systems was also highlighted. According to a report, in 2025, about 10% of data will be produced by generative AI. With the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, the organisation of data systems can be achieved efficiently and within secure environments.

Modern work

The demands of both employees and business leaders have changed post-pandemic. Preferences for 100% remote working are being replaced with flexible and hybrid working. With technology, this change can be implemented successfully for improved connectivity among people, places and processes. Microsoft programs support organisations with the tools needed to enhance hybrid work.

Microsoft 365 combines a suite of applications to cater to the needs of modern businesses such as calendaring and scheduling, chat, video calls, emailing, cloud storage, all while lowering cost. Teams which is a top program in Microsoft 365 facilitates employee collaboration. It was noted that there are currently about 1500 third-party applications operating in the Teams App store.

teams third party | Infinity Group

Employee Experience

Microsoft Viva is the leading program in enhancing employee engagement and retention. According to the Mr. Nadella, about 1000+ organisations are currently using Microsoft Viva as the main employee digital experience platform. Incorporating elements including Learning, Insights, Topics, Connections and Goals, Viva operates with Teams to provide a complete employee experience.

Security Prioritisation

The increase in digitalisation has also led to a corresponding rise in cyber attacks. Businesses are constantly being affected by threats that lurk online. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrimes costs in the next three years, will cost businesses an estimated $10.5T. With Microsoft’s secure and compliant management solutions, the security of such organisations is guaranteed.

Session Recap

Aside the main presentations, there were a variety of collaborative discussions at Microsoft Inspire 2022 covering areas such as ‘Powering innovation across the digital estate’, ‘Streamlining security across the cloud and platforms’, ‘Microsoft’s Digital Contact Centre’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Growing revenue by using Azure infrastructure’.

Some Product announcements

Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

A bespoke application to enable governments connect with the public sector to promote compliance, digital transformation and trusted security.

Azure Space Partner Community

This is a partner-led platform by Microsoft to connect partners to achieve the best in space computing. This involves the incorporation of Azure Orbital Ground Station to facilitate satellite network communications, orbit fleets and the transmission of commands via satellites.

Microsoft Teams Updates

To improve user experiences, the following enhancements will be implemented within Teams:

  • Video clips [To enable trimming and cutting up of short, personalised videos]
  • Collaborative annotations [For easier team engagements on content whilst screen-sharing]
  • Excel Live [Enables collaborators to edit excel documents live without leaving Teams]

Viva Engage

A new Viva offering to enable employees build meaningful connections, communities and relationships with their colleagues. It will also some components for sales productivity.

Windows 365 Government

This is an application that will aid with governments and contractors across a community cloud.

Hope you’ve found this useful!

We are looking forward to Day 2 of the conference and its insightful program outline. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

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