16th Jun 2023

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Driving a successful digital strategy is dependent on combining the right mix of technology solutions and processes. This includes having advanced software to leverage business operations. As an IT leader or business manager looking to have a competitive edge, you need to navigate the digital landscape using intelligent applications. One of such being Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, which we’ll be zooming in on in this article.


What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

D365 Field Service is a complete management solution designed to facilitate organisations in delivering quality onsite service for their clients. This is suited for businesses who operate from their clients locations and offices. It helps in delivering holistic service experiences to customers through the combination of workflow automation, assistance for mobile workers and scheduling algorithms. As an in-built system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service also offers smart scheduling, remote asset monitoring and billing management. 


Driving change through the Modern Workplace_

The current digital landscape is rapidly changing, and many businesses are evolving in the way in which they deliver value to customers. The Microsoft Modern Workplace is a major contributor to the changing environment, as it fosters enabling hybrid and remote working setups. Dynamics 365 Field Service forms part of the ecosystem of innovative applications in the modern workplace. The software has changed the mode in which organisations carry out their customer service packages. With D365 Field Service, you’ll be able to empower your staff with the necessary resources so they can provide optimised services on the ground.    It provides the opportunity for businesses to discover and fulfil new opportunities by unifying the customer journey through streamlined tools. Microsoft Dynamics Field Service simplifies workflows involved in fixing onsite customer issues.  We’ll now take more of a deep dive into the benefits of the Dynamics 365 Field Service platform.  


Empowers field service team to succeed_

D365 Field Service equips frontline workers with cutting edge technology to increase productivity. It can also reduce time and travel costs for mobile workers by ensuring that scheduled jobs are performed in a prioritised manner via its advanced scheduling algorithm. Microsoft Field Service equips workforces with a smart routing system which allows field service employees to collaborate more effectively with customers.  The software also integrates with other productivity tools within the Microsoft ecosystem including Teams, SharePoint and Outlook. This feature gives field service technicians access to a wider pool of customer data and resources so they can execute tasks faster. Overall productivity and service delivery is thereby improved. 


Improving customer service in the field_

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to improve upon their digital infrastructure and efficiency. By incorporating the latest systems, the application transforms the manual processes in which organisations resolve customer field cases. It ensures that wait times are reduced by improving the rate and speed with which tasks are performed. The application also has advanced AI features and capabilities for the efficient resolution of cases. Additionally, the access to instant information and in-context resources within D365 Field Service allows for the easy streamlining of tasks.  


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Providing field service teams with all the data they need, from anywhere_

Dynamics 365 Field Services has an interactive mobile app which field service technicians can use on the go. Through this, they can gain access to job details, resources, customer signatures, work orders, assets and many more via their mobile devices. The app also streamlines the collection of data and real-time information. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, the application is a mobile-driven app which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual organisations.   The single mobile app ensures that frontline workers can view work orders and other required information from any location. The synchronisation between other colleagues in the office, leads to streamlined collaboration and an improvement in the digital work setting. It is available on Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows 10+. 


Proactive service delivery from Dynamics 365_

Dynamics 365 Field Service transforms the mode of service delivery within a business. Technicians are guided by asset history and IoT data integration so they can make informed decisions regarding customer orders in a quicker fashion. Other features like efficient scheduling allows frontline workers to optimise logistics for a more efficient customer service delivery. The D365 Field Service software equips frontline employees with expert help remotely, across their respective organisations for improved service delivery. 


Improved customer experience_

The smart functions of Microsoft 365 Field service provide a unique overall experience for customers. Businesses can deliver bespoke services through data retrieved from previous technical issues or client histories. The knowledge gained from past preferences or service agreements facilitates technicians in delivering optimal output across the board, thereby contributing to an increase in customer satisfaction and value. 


How can we help you?

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service are numerous. It affects various touchpoints of your business positively for an improved outlook and growth. At Infinity Group, our expertise is built on delivering world-class Dynamics 365 Field Service implementations for our clients.  Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can deploy a field service solution for your organisation.    

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