The new digital age has opened many companies up to a myriad of growth possibilities. Microsoft 365 comprises of a suite of applications that empower users to make the most of remote and hybrid working conditions. 

Microsoft 365 is programmed to explore opportunities and modern ways of working that exist today. There are many advantages such as team collaboration tools, calendaring, appointment scheduling and many more. Many businesses are switching from G Suite to Microsoft 365 due to its various abilities.

With constant updates and feature releases, there’s always something to look forward to. Here are the latest updates you need to know: 

Microsoft Viva Learning 

Microsoft Viva can now sync with Learning management systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand and Saba Cloud. Meaning that users can gain easy access to assignments and courses in their portals. This integration will also give employees the chance to get reminders and notifications for new assignments. In addition, it will also enhance the ability to search, discover and share content on a broader scale. 

Stay Connected with Yammer 

The new Yammer updates include the suggestion of followers and communities from past interactions. This will ensure that you explore relevant conversations that will improve your overall experience on the application.   

Additionally, the admin stress of managing communities will be reduced. Individuals in charge of groups will no longer have to go through tedious processes when supervising. 

Conversations on Yammer can also be bookmarked to speed up searches. These are however private and sorted by dates added; so that they can also be removed once read.   

Microsoft Teams 

To enhance the first-class experience of this collaborative tool, Microsoft has introduced features to accommodate the changes in the modern workplace setting. 

Some of these include: 

Mute Meeting 

With the increase in the engagement between internal and external teams, video meetings and conference calls have become common. To prevent disruptions, users now have the option of muting any noise in the background during calls. This is to allow for the pristine flow of sound whilst important meetings are going on. 

Custom web backgrounds 

Custom backgrounds are now available on desktop versions. Pre-loaded backgrounds can also be chosen for customisations during meetings. 

Windows 365 Cloud Positioning 

A lot more flexibility has been introduced to Windows 365 Cloud PCs. This is to ensure that hybrid work is made easier for increased collaboration and productivity. A preview of Windows 365 Enterprise support for Azure Active Directory was also released.  

Provision Cloud PCs without an Azure subscription 

Earlier in February, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure AD Join in Windows 365 Enterprise. This is to facilitate the provisioning of Cloud PCs without an Azure subscription or Azure connectivity to your on-premises environment.  

Localising the Cloud PC experience 

The familiarity of the Windows 365 applications has made work easier and more efficient for employees worldwide. Files and documents have been migrated from on-premises systems to cloud infrastructure. The experience of Windows 365 Enterprise has been enhanced for subscribers as they now have the option of selecting from a list of languages. This improved service within the software is another addition for overall productivity. 

Power Platform Integration 

The Microsoft Power Platforms comprise of applications such as Power Automate, Power BI and Power Apps. The integration of these with Microsoft 365 have unlocked a plethora of capabilities for users. This has led to an improvement in cross-functional capabilities in departments such as finance, operations and supply chain.  

Subsequently, virtual interactions have also been enhanced for employees working remotely. Customisation and extensions have reduced the volume of data copied between databases. 


To extend the functionality of tasks such as finance and operations, add-ins installed are managed via Lifecycle Services. Furthermore, the required metadata and configuration options for each add-in is stored in the Microsoft Dataverse system for business improvement. 

Task automation 

Automation of internal processes and systems in this fast-paced technology ecosystem, is crucial for organisations aiming for excellence and increased customer satisfaction. This can be achieved with Power Automate, the cloud automation software among the Power Platforms. Streamlining of everyday tasks such as synchronisation of files, improved workflows and data collection are enhanced for better planning, reduced errors, transparency, data security and increased productivity.   

Microsoft Forms 

New features that have been added to Microsoft Forms will enable users to share forms or surveys to larger groups. This will allow you to share information with individual users and distribution lists in your business. 

Additionally, an email notification feature has also been implemented seamlessly within the software to prevent disruptions to the flow of work.


With the latest OneDrive features, you will be able to easily navigate to all your Teams files. For example, the “Your Teams” section and “More Places” pages will enhance your ability to easily find and work with files in remote or hybrid environments. OneDrive’s cloud storage solution allows you to save photos, files and documents from anywhere. Therefore, making you more connected, organised and protected. 

Microsoft Stream 

‘Help’ is a new feature to be introduced in the video service to assist users in accessing support and help from database. You will also be able to report technical playback issues on video or audio files.  

Get started with Microsoft Stream if you haven’t already, for the opportunity to enhancing your modern workplace. Share recordings, presentations and videos for an improvement in the quality of work and productivity.  

The frequent Microsoft 365 updates are geared at designing effective and modern ways of working post-pandemic. With a combination of cloud and on-premises solutions, it provides an avenue for the creation of agile and seamless IT systems and infrastructure. 

If you are interested in acquiring Microsoft 365 for your business, you can get in touch to speak with our expert consultants. 

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