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Windows 11 Security for the future of hybrid work

21st Sep 2022 | 7 min read

Windows 11 Security for the future of hybrid work

The importance of maintaining a comprehensive cybersecurity approach cannot be overemphasised enough in this current digital age. As the rise in remote working increases, so does the need for core security features. Remote work setups are accompanied with varying security checks and requirements; hence organisations need to ensure that all the right measures are being put in place to prevent these. With Windows 11 Security, you are guaranteed protection from threats lurking online.

What is Windows 11 Security?

It is an iteration of Windows 10 and 11 which was introduced by Microsoft in 2021 for added device protection for Windows computers. It is an in-built platform that enhances the overall Windows user experience. The Windows 11 Security suite comprises of functionalities to promote collaboration, productivity, in-built security and remote working.

Traditional ways of working have evolved drastically. The Covid 19 pandemic has over the past two years, caused a drastic change in the way people work. There has been a significant rise in remote and hybrid working. According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics), an estimated 85% of employees surveyed stated they preferred a hybrid mode of working.

This increase in home working has led to a corresponding increase in security implications online. Subsequently, IT consultants and business leaders are devising strategies to ensure that the devices and systems of remote staff are kept safe. That is where Windows 11 Security comes in; it is intuitive, powerful and equipped with solid hardware to protect systems, networks and devices.

Smart Features

Smart App control

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced this feature to protect Windows users from online threats. This improvement will ensure that any suspicious activity on all devices are immediately blocked. The Smart App control also includes security features to ensure that only safe applications run on systems. Users of Windows 11 devices can rest assured knowing that processes and applications are run safely without any threats.

Windows 11 1 | Infinity Group

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

With Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, Windows 11 users are protected from suspicious activities such as phishing, malware and ransomware. Users are alerted in the event of their details being entered into malicious websites. They are safeguarded from harmful situations, this in turn leads to productivity and efficiency while working remotely.

Windows 11 Security fundamentals for the growth of remote work

Robust operating system security and hardware

Windows 11 Security has been designed with secure hardware to serve as a solid barrier against unwanted access into systems and networks. Additionally, Windows 11 has reliable hardware and software which shields operating system from uninhibited entry. This is done through the utilisation of virtualization-based security (VBS) and Secure Boot built-in. These embedded hardware features ensure that personal account details and user credentials are well protected from online hazards.

Secure privacy controls and application security

Windows 11 is made up of complex security systems for the maximum protection of sensitive company data which is shared on a regular basis across various devices. It also includes in-built privacy controls, isolation and controls, and least-privilege principles to keep critical information encrypted and safe from cyber security incidents.

To further improve remote working conditions, the Microsoft Defender Application Guard feature in Windows 11, incorporates Hyper-V virtualization technology as a barrier against harmful untrusted websites. Restrictions are also placed on applications and software that can access features such as microphones, web cameras, and many others.

The in-built security protection from Windows 11 Security creates an avenue for remote working employees to work effectively without cyber security incidents. Team projects and tasks are therefore made easy regardless of device location, hence improving productivity.

Identity Protection

With many Windows users working remotely, password comprises have become common. Windows 11 Security’s hardware systems prevent cybercriminals from stealing passwords via a multi-layered approach which uses rigid checks and blocks to protect user credentials. Compromised passwords can be removed or amended via corresponding Microsoft accounts, Microsoft Authenticator apps, Windows Hello, or verification codes. Additionally, the Windows Defender Credential Guard comes with chip-level hardware for the maximum protection of user details.

Zero Trust Principle

Windows 11 Security comprises of the Microsoft Pluton firmware which integrates with Windows updates for protection against cyber-attacks. It incorporates the ‘Zero Trust’ principle which involves the concept of ‘never trust, always verify’, hence ensuring that user accounts are verified for extra security. This guiding principle in Windows 11 Security guarantees that user credentials and personal details are protected from breaches. Attackers will therefore be unable to encroach on devices and applications.

Enhanced Device protection

Hybrid employees access several personal and company devices from multiple locations. The Config Lock feature of Windows 11 Security allows for device compliance across board. Additionally, this leads to a comprehensive MDM (Mobile Device Management) strategy for device protection. The burden of IT administrators would therefore be lessened so they can easily maintain best practices in their respective organisations.

Increased productivity

The latest announcements from Microsoft have revealed that there have been some new Windows 11 updates including Snap layouts, the new Focus feature, performance and battery optimisations, aimed at empowering users to become more productive. The Snap layouts optimises views to give users an eyeshot of multiple applications and documents concurrently, hence facilitating multi-tasking and navigation.

Windows 11 optimisation | Infinity Group

Additionally, ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Focus’ sessions will be implemented in Windows 11 to help minimise ongoing distractions while working. Notifications will be silenced to allow for increased focus when in the middle of work. Timers will also be introduced via the Clock app for break reminders and as a means of helping Windows users become cognizant of the time spent performing various tasks.

Windows 11 focus session | Infinity Group

Cloud services

Windows 11 Security incorporates the power of the cloud to enhance flexible working arrangements. It has advanced protections for the encryption of high volumes of documents stored in the cloud. Globally, organisations are migrating large and sensitive files to cloud storage applications such as Microsoft Azure with integrated services for seamless collaboration. Subsequently, there will be an increase in collaboration among wider team members working remotely.

There are also stringent privacy policies put in place to ensure the continuity of the Zero Trust principle for devices, data and applications.

Employee empowerment

Employee working patterns have changed drastically post pandemic. As a result, equipping workforce with the necessary tools and applications has become crucial. With Windows 11 Security, IT administrators can empower staff with the necessary security features on required devices to ensure protection, flexibility and interconnectivity.

Windows 11 flexibility | Infinity Group

Microsoft 365 integration

Windows 11 Security integrates with Microsoft 365 to offer users ease and convenience. The Microsoft 365 ecosystem comprises of familiar applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel and Teams for the enhancement of remote working. Some of the business benefits of Microsoft 365 applications include accessibility, communication and advanced security. Windows 11 device users will therefore be able to utilise these systems for the improvement of everyday tasks. Hybrid working is therefore streamlined and made effective from the regular updates and intelligent features associated with Microsoft 365.

Windows 11 security m365 | Infinity Group

In summary, Windows 11 Security contributes to the growth of hybrid work. Its in-built security features and robust hardware empowers users to work effectively without the fear of encountering cyber threats. Additionally, it is made up of intuitive and intelligent features that boosts productivity across workflows.

Are you interested in knowing more about Windows 11 and Windows 11 Security? Get in touch with Infinity Group’s experienced consultants for guidance.

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