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Windows Vista users are now susceptible to security threats


Windows Vista users are now susceptible to security threats2018-09-03T11:56:02+00:00

What is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista launched in 2007 as the replacement to Windows XP, has struggled to make its mark in the operating system world. For the last few years has only had a 1% market share compared to the newer operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 10, however some businesses still have devices running it.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it has officially ended support for Windows Vista in an official statement. This means current Vista users will no longer receive new security updates, no security hot fixes and other technical updates.

What are the Windows Vista security threats?

Windows Vista will continue to work on the computers still running it. But due to there being no more security updates going forward, those businesses with a few devices still running Vista will become exposed to security threats especially if these devices are on the network. Security Essentials, the in-built antivirus for Vista will become insecure meaning those devices are at high risk from Malware and viruses.

What’s the solution for Windows Vista devices?

The obvious solution is to upgrade your business computers to Windows 10, the most up to date operating system available which is fully supported by Microsoft. Depending on the specification of your current devices you may be able to upgrade them to Windows 10 (this is unlikely though). The more likely scenario is you are going to need to invest in new machines to accommodate it.

Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?

If you are interested in upgrading your devices, our recent blog explains the benefits of Windows 10 compared to 7 & 8.1.

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