JML (John Mills Limited) are a UK based consumer product company specialising in the promotion of products via video screens in several retail stores.

Case Study: JML

Case Study: JML

The company develops products in the categories of homewares, health & beauty, DIY and gifts and sells them through its website, TV channels and retail.

JML were seeking an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 SalesCustomer Service and integrate with a new eCommerce portal to improve their existing Sales and Service processes and drive sales growth.

The Challenge

The Customer Service, Sales, Warehouse Management, Marketing and Product Development Teams were previously using their ageing eCommerce website integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and a wide variety of disparate data sources to manage the B2C (Business to Customer) Sales and Customer Service processes.

The project was split into two phases. Phase 1 concentrated on the improvement of their B2C processes whilst phase 2 will focus on leveraging the same functionality to grow their mid-market B2B (Business to Business) operations.

JML appointed Infinity Group’s specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy team to apply a critical review of their existing business processes, identifying waste and inefficiencies and improving data collection and analysis.

In addition, the integration requirements between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Finance & Supply Chain Management would require meticulous data mapping and design of a robust integration architecture. Infinity Group deployed and customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. We also assumed the role of Systems Integrator (SI) between Finance & Supply Chain Management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the Magento eCommerce platform.

Infinity Group have in-house resources with mature skills and experience utilising both KingswaySoft and Scribe Online (now known as Tibco Cloud Integration) data integration solutions.

Through the use of Scribe, sales orders originating in their eCommerce solution are instantly pushed into the Dynamics platform to master customer data and eventual fulfilment.

This real-time approach enabled JML’s Customer Service team and out of hours support desk, Ventrica to leverage the same Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement data. This process is bolstered with automatic address validation incorporating the Address Verification solution offered by Loqate.

The Customer Service team use Dynamics 365 to raise customer queries against existing orders, create returns and define whether a refund or replacement is required.

The integration between Finance & Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement  automatically generates the relevant return or replacement orders giving the customer service team a centralised location to manage the customer queries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboards and views were created and adapted allowing Managers and staff to carry out quick reporting on sales and cases from various sources such as Amazon, eBay, JML Direct and Ventrica.

Within the first 24 hours on go live day users could see real-time sales orders in easy to use graphical representation without the need for Excel documents or delays waiting for report requests to be generated.


The Result

JML were delighted with the work undertaken to date and have commissioned Infinity Group to deliver the next phase of the project covering the B2B side of the business.

This phase will take shape in the form of a new model driven application that will show data that’s only relative to the B2B area of JML. Within this application JML will incorporate its first structured business process flow for their B2B sales users to follow. Phase 2 will also see the implementation of AI insights, Email Engagement and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook to assist users with their day to day functions.

Phase 2 will build on the existing integrated solutions allowing B2B to generate Opportunities in Customer Engagement and have these reach maturity in the form of an agreed and delivered sales order that’s generated in Finance & Supply Chain Management.

Additionally we will integrate Dynamics 365 CE with DotDigital enabling JML to automatically generate Marketing Lists that integrate with DotDigital to send mailers out to the members of that Marketing List ultimately feeding the response rate and activities back into Dynamics 365 CE, allowing JML to automatically generate leads and fully realise each campaign’s marketing potential.

Working with JML has been a pleasure on this often challenging and far reaching project.  We’re working in a mature and highly collaborative workspace that leverages the skills and experience at both organisations to make an extremely productive team that is able to build for JML’s future success. Infinity Group are also very proud to now be a trusted long term partner of JML going forward.” Mark Jones, Practice Manager – Infinity Group

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