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Case Study: Saga Healthcare

Case Study: Saga Healthcare

Saga Healthcare were managing new enquiries using disconnected systems such as email and Excel spreadsheets and then manually duplicating that information into their patient management system. This led to wasted time and made room for mistakes as the system lacked validation. Also, reporting was cumbersome and often inaccurate due to different users following different processes.

Saga have an established IT team, including a highly skilled development department, but did not have the skills in house for Microsoft Dynamics 365 development. After identifying Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the right tool for the job, they then engaged with Infinity Group to help deliver the solution and up-skill the internal team.


The Solution

After selecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the platform to deliver their Sales and marketing function, Saga engaged with solution architects at Infinity Group to formulate a design for the system. It needed to be simple, cost effective and process driven. Coming from no system at all, meant that the new system would need to be user friendly and intuitive to get user’s buy in, so the system was designed around a simple Business Process Flow on the Lead entity to drive users through the sales process.

Having documented the design for the system, it was then time to start building it. This was done in close collaboration with Saga developers, up-skilling them in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, architecture and underlying technology. This meant that as the development took place, over time Saga took on more and more of the work and Infinity transitioned to a purely consultative role. This approach worked well as it ensured Saga ended up with a solid solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 best practices and also then had the skills in house to maintain and further develop the solution.


Key Benefits

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 has allowed Saga to:

  • Formalise their sales process, ensuring all users are following the same process with clearly defined steps and automated reminders
  • Reduce effort and save time by automating the integration between their sales tool and patient management system
  • Provide real time centralised reports to the business to measure performance and sales conversions


Next Steps

Having successfully delivered an internal Sales and marketing tool, Infinity Group and Saga’s next project together will focus on delivering a portal, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals, to provide key data to customers and carers.

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